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    Default Reincarnation - Character Information

    This is a PSA, a request for information, and a request for community action all rolled into one:

    As you may or may not be aware when you reincarnate with a +X heart of wood you need to know which level you took each of the classes in your existing build. This is because as you reincarnate you choose which class you want to take at each level and if it happens to be different from your existing build it counts it against you as one of your available level swaps out of the X that you get. The problem of course is that it doesn't warn you before you have committed to the swap that you are about to use it.

    So the question is whether or not there still exists a place that you can see how your toon was built level for level? In the past I think you could get this information from myddo, but not anymore.

    I have a tentative build order that I think was/is correct, but I would like to be sure since customer service has already refunded my last +3 and informed me they won't be doing it again.

    If there isn't a way to tell I would like to suggest people bug report this glaring oversight. At the very least a warning that you are about to use a swap, but perhaps even better would be a tooltip for the experience bar that shows what class you took at each level (1 through 20).


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    I just had the issue with a character I reincarnated. Lucky it worked out for me, not the level I wanted to change, but still worked out.

    I haven't played the game since maxed level was 14th, so there is not way I can remember what level I took classes.

    And I have 7 characters with the free reincarnate that I'm holding off on until I figure find out what levels since all are multiclass.

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