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11 of the 13 classes have innate self-healing, and the two that don't are original classes. Meaning most of the classes at launch and every single class added after launch have native self-healing.

Read the writing on the wall.
Sor and Wiz only have self healing if either WF or taking Pale Master PRE.

...so if your definition includes race (WF) you could also say that Ftrs and Brbs who choose to be Half Elfves could have inate healing too. (although this also requires a stat choice to get it)

WF is also not a FtP race choice....

Sorc do have Cha for UMD, but actually, people seem to think that self healing for fleshie Sorcs is a lot easier than it really is.

Skill points are very limited on Sorcs, and UMD is only valuable at higher levels.... even then no-fail Heal scroll use is very difficult to get on a crossclass skill class....

On a side note: healing amp makes a huge difference for self sufficiency.

There are also feat choices that help... and gear choices.

But..... new players do not know or have the mindset to make selfhealing a priority.
Even the classes that I agree have "inate" self healing ae not always new guy friendly in that regard.

Bards and Fvs have to choose healing spells. (technically so would a WF Sorc.)

... even Druids have to memorise healing spells first.....