This is a big thing that stops vets from running with new players. Lots of discussion about encouraging grouping going on and this is a big part of that issue.

I'm mostly referring to melees.

Vets simply don't need healers in their groups for 99% of the content.

New players do. They don't have the resources, meta-knowledge, etc . . . to be completely self-sufficient and keep up with leveling vets. Even stacks of CSW pots are too expensive to expect a new player to have.

it's not fair for vets to wait while groups fill especially since nobody wants to heal any more. Simply put if I don't need a healer for something it's selfish of the person who does to expect me to wait.

The only thing I do when pugging is I will allow people to summon hirelings. I know a lot of vets cringe at those but I understands it's really the only affordable method of healing for new players.

So how do we bridge that gap?