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    Default Favor not granted for quest

    Was running my TR Monk in Eveningstar trying to get Harper favor. I ran the Druid's Curse chain on Heroic Elite and got elite favor for all of them except Outbreak. My quest log only shows normal favor (6 pts) for the quest. Yes, I selected elite when I went in.

    I had run Outbreak on Epic Normal the day before with a guild group. Would that jack things up? (I don't think so, as I've done Heroic Elites in the past after Epic Normals on other quests and got the favor)

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    I have seen this occur on occasion, did you try the log out and back in trick. Sometimes the UI gets out of sync with the data. Usually simply logging out and back in forces a refresh on this.

    I think it is only a UI bug because I've had this happen and still gotten emails for 100 favor markers that would need to have included the favor that seems to be bugged.

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    Like Enoach, I often get the same display bug, while still getting my turbine points and favor perks that required that I get the favor points. So they are there, hiding. I don't know why, I'm generally considered a friendly turtle!
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