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    Default How to fix wayfinder

    After reading a thread about how bad an idea it is to send new players to a deserted server
    (which I agree with 100% and id put into the obvious category), I feel if we don't want to lose even more players and another server there are some steps we need to take to make the server attractive.

    First off, im a fan of joining new servers, the reason ive done it in the past is to help out new players. I can level and aquire items quickly due to years of playing and so if im playing an alt in deleras and some guy is killing anything ill give or mail him a holy weapon that his build can use, explain dr etc etc. Im no saint, and as some have seen on the forums im quite a bastard when I feel I need to be, but I feel helping out new people in the game is the most effective way to make the game last longer and hopefully those people will do likewise with other new players when they are vets. I did NOT do this on wayfinder(first server where I didn't) because I don't speak german.

    All turbine has to do to make wayfinder population explode with vets is offer rewards based on time playing game specific to the wayfinder server...

    Iconic heros:

    played for a year or more? give them an extra slot where they can make the healer iconic for free, gives the new people a healer to group with and allows vets to try it out b4 spending tp.

    2+ years offer the roguish one as well, more support for the new players, let them see a pro on a rogue.

    3+, whatever, you get the idea.

    Some other options would be game codes that only work on wayfinder and only for vets, im sure most vets wouldn't mind getting an email with codes for free stuff on wayfinder.

    There are a ton of things that can be done to increase population on wayfinder, sending all the new characters there is one way, but like many turbish ideas of late I think its kinda shortsighted.

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    advertising in germany might help. from what ive heard, turbine doesnt do much advertising.

    honestly I dont think wayfinder can be salvaged. would it be safe to assume that most newcomers have a look at more than 1 server ? 1 look at Argo (because its first on the list) and a newb is not going to chose wayfinder.

    turbine should just give all members of wayfinder a free trip to a server of their choice. Nice try, bad results, they know it and its time to rectify the issue.
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    Default Unfortunately

    I do not think its safe to say that newcomers check multiple servers, first impression is enormous in any mmo as competitive as the market is, which is why we need vets there to help people out and lead groups.

    Easy to see the consequences of putting new people on a deserted server, just watch the turnover rate and compare it to a more populated one, im sure turbine will know soon that this was ill concieved. Maybe theyre thinking that sheltering new players from some of the jerks that play the game by putting them on an empty server will make them like the game more, thats my only guess. Tho i 100% understand wanting to shelter them from some of the moron self proclaimed elitists in the game, having noone to group with that knows anything about the game is probably not better in the long run.

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