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    Default Sun elf is collectors edition only?

    This is not how collectors editions work, Turbine..

    Glad I looked first. Saved me wasting my money on the standard deal.

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    Or you could buy them separately in the ddostore for 1295 TP when they are launched (U20).
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    Interesting interpretation

    What I gathered was that one version included "All" of the upcoming Iconic characters when they finally get released. The other version did not include them as part of the package. However, each much like classes and races released could be purchased/earned through TP and Favor.

    The access to Iconics was meant as an attempt to make the collector's edition more attractive.

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    Yeah, think that's strange for most people because usually you get all content of an expansion pack with a standard edition and collectors edition only offers additional stuff. So yeah, the 'standard' edition feels more like the 'base edition' of the last expansion.
    So with this years strategy for selling for collectors editions it seems that the iconics don't belong to the expansion pack itself, at least when I compare it with all other games and expansion packs I know.

    Was wondering about the iconics myself when I checked for a friend if it would be a good deal to buy the standard edition.

    I really hope with the next expansion they are offering deals compared to the ones of the first expansion and not again with something like this years expansion which very much feels like a cash grab. Even if it worked on me buying the first expansion was much more of a pleasure than buying this years.
    And not prepurchasing the expansion wasn't really an option for me, because I would have bought most of the stuff anyways when it gets released and that wouldn't be much cheaper.

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