The loading screen when starting the game advertises the expansion pack, and how buy pre-purchasing the expansion pack you get all these bonuses. What's misleading is that the Owlbear hireling is listed, among the Iconic, the creature companion and "much more." So, thinking this I went ahead and bought the regular expansion thinking that because I bought "early", I get whats on the loading screen (Immediate in game bonuses). So after many attempts at purchasing and getting the code to work I finally got it to go through, but when I logged in, no hireling.

So, I sent in a ticket and was told that I have to get it as an add-on for more money. I thought, that can't be right, it says on the loading screen that you get the iconic, the owlbear, the companion, and much more when pre-purchasing. So I called customer service thinking they could offer more help, but all I got was a very nice lady who just kept channeling our conversation so I would get off the phone (Which I can understand, I once worked in a call center as well). So now I am stuck with something I bought thinking it came with xyz, and now I'm getting told "Oh, well, you only get x when you pay more." I figure, at least put something on the loading screen that says "Additional purchase necessary" next to the items that they are going to be deceiving about. I added the image of the loading screen to this post so you can look for yourself.