just hit level 20 on my first life sorcerer and getting ready to start the ED fun. looking for advice on whether I should start in Draconic or Fate Singer. I want to work my way around to Shiradi and it's going to be a long time to get there but see two options

option 1 - start in fate singer right off so I am one step closer to Shiradi. while not great for a Sorcerer, I can at least use the + CHR and a few other things on my way to lvl 4. as soon as I get to lvl 4, move on to Shadow Dancer, etc and get to Shiradi as quickly as possible

option 2 - start in draconic to build a more useful base ED. once I hit level 3, open up Fate Singer and then switch between Fate and Draconic depending on content. if we are running EN or EH, especially with a good group, then run in Fate to work towards level 4. if I am in a raid or EE, or need more oomph for some reason, run in Draconic. won't hurt to be building that up towards cap in case the new Epic TR changes go in as currently advertised. continue that process as I move through Shadow and LD

right now I am leaning towards option 2 as I think it gives me a bit more flexibility and by the time I get to Shiradi, I would expect Draconic would be capped as a fall back if the Epic TR goes through.

but interested in how others made the trip.

one other option that came to mind. can you actually pick an ED for any class you have 6 or more levels in as a multi-class character? if you can, one other (expensive) option would be to LR to 6 barbarian before selecting a destiny and just start in Shiradi. once I have it selected, then LR back into 20 Sorc.

in the long run, I need destiny levels for twists any way, so going to be traveling all over the spheres at some point but the barb option is somewhat appealing if that would really work.