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    Default Faeylin's Adventure Notes

    Preface: This is still a rough draft, as we're working through all the quests now. More quests will be added to the list as we run them (for the first time). On future lives, I'll clean up the notes and make them clearer and more concise!

    Introduction: When I first approached the game, I was very confused about where to find quests; it was also very hard for me to figure out a good order in which to do these quests, because I'd frequently be over or under level for them. In advance of buying up the packs we love with TP, my partner and I decided to go VIP for a few months and do a complete run through of all the heroic content. These are my notes for each quest, and one possible quest ordering that leads through everything while minimizing big swings in level ranges. Use it if it's helpful!

    Party Composition: Rogue/Artificer Repeater & Runearm Trapper with UMD & Druid/Monk melee; we always use a single healer (Cleric/FVS) Hireling and then the 2nd spot tends to be a random hireling (melee tank, arcane, or bard). We will be using one Owlbear each at levels 17+, and we both have the ability to summon monsters (via spell or scrolls). These characters are relatively twinked and power-gamed, but not with like, GS items or any store-bought items (ie Tomes). We're hardcore raiders in other games, so we learn, adapt and create strategies on the fly. This may or may not skew our difficulty ratings.


    Difficulty: - 0 +++++ and *
    -: Underwhelmingly easy
    0: Nothing complicated
    +: Slightly challenging, fun
    ++: Broke a sweat
    +++: Took some work to get through this alive
    ++++: Multiple deaths, very challenging
    +++++: Incredibly hard
    *: Favorite Quest, Love it!


    All of these notes are current as of our TR1 Life

    Korthos (F2P)

    (1) The Storehouse's Secret: Elite (-)

    (1) Heyton's Rest: Elite (-)

    (1) The Cannith Crystal: Elite (-)

    (1) The Collaborator: Elite (-)

    (1) Stopping the Sahuagin: Elite (+)

    (1) Redeption: Elite (-)

    (1) Necromancer's Doom: Elite (-)

    (1) Sacrifices: Elite (-)

    (2) Misery's Peak: Elite (0)


    The Harbor (F2P)

    (2) Arachnophobia: Solo (-)

    (2) The Miller's Debt: Solo (-)

    (3) An Explosive Situation: Solo (-)

    (2) Information is Key: Elite (-)

    (2) Bringing the Light: Elite (-)

    (2) Walk the Butcher's Path: Elite (+++); Kobold Shamans (Electric), Oozes, Optional Boss hits hard; skip traps

    (2) Durk's Got a Secret: Elite (-)

    (2) Haverdasher: Elite (-)

    (2) Garrison's Missing Pack: Elite (-)

    (2) The Kobold's New Ringleader: Elite (0); Fire Traps

    (2) Stealthy Repossession: Elite (+); Walk away if they spot you, some can be killed

    (2) The Smuggler's Warehouse: Elite (-); Ice, Fire, Blade Traps

    (2) Recovering the Lost Tome: Elite (+); At the Lighthouse; Traps One Shot, Look Up Quest


    The Marketplace (F2P)

    (2) Missing in Action: Elite (0); Lightning Traps (Hard to Disable), Kobold Shamans

    (2) The Sunken Sewers: Elite (+); Lots and lots of traps, Kobold Shamans


    Cerulean Hills (F2P; Off Harbor; Max Level 4)

    (3) The Captives: Elite (0)

    (3) Where There's Smoke: Elite (0); Big groups of mobs


    The Harbor (Cont.)

    (3) Home Sweet Sewer: Solo (-); Don't Kill Dogs

    (3) Kobolod Assault: Elite (0); Kobold Shamans (Lightning)


    The Waterworks (F2P)

    (3) Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth: Elite (0); Kobold Shamans, Fire Traps at start

    (3) Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos: Elite (0); Kobold Shamans, Must Keep NPC alive at the end


    Marketplace (Cont.)

    (3) The Swiped Signet: Elite (0); West side, Pheonix Tavern; Casters with Sleetstorm/Sleep (pull back)

    (3) Redfang the Unruled: Elite (+); Just East of Marketplace; Poison-resist; Lots of Traps

    The Catacombs (Purchased)

    (3) The Friar's Niece: Elite (-); Boring

    (3) To Find a Witness: Elite (-); Boring, Lots of Chests

    (3) The Old Archives: Elite (0); 1 Arcane Skeleton (Magic Missile aka Force, Fire, Inflict Minor Wounds)

    (3) The Crypt of Gerard Dryden: Elite (0); Lots of Skeletons

    (3) Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral: Elite (-)

    (3) Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs' Crypt: Elite (0); Hellhounds (Fire); Find Exit when Ghost spawns; Traps on Way Out

    (3) Endgame: Marguerite: Elite (0); One Arcane Skeleton (Lightning)

    (3) Endgame: The Archbishop's Fate: Elite (+); Arcane Skeleton, Skeleton Archers, Wraith (Incorporeal)


    The Seal of Shan-To-Kor (Purchased)

    (3) The Sacred Helm: Elite (0); Lots of Spike Traps

    (3) The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade: Elite (0); Sonic Trap in Water Behind Secret Door

    (4) The Cloven Jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagh: Elite (0); Clerics (Fire), Some Big Pulls

    (5) The Halls of Shan-to-Kor: Elite (+); Lots of Traps, Kite Last Boss (AOE Dmg and Knockdown)


    Tangleroot Gorge (Okay; Get on Sale)

    (3) First Strike: Elite (-)

    (3) The Hobgoblins' Captives: Elite (+); High melee damage

    (4) Yarkuch's War-plans: Elite (+); Big groups, high melee dmg; hide-and-seek quest items (check map)

    (4) Whisperdoom's Spawn: Elite (+)

    (5) The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key: Elite (0)

    (5) The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul: Elite (0); Inner sanctum; Secret door behind quest mob


    The Sharn Syndicate (Like It; Buy It)

    (4) Stand Your Ground: Elite (-); SW Market; Someone up top and someone below

    (4) Dirty Laundry: Elite (-); W Market; Casters (Force); use barrel casks for optional xp

    (4) The Stormreaver Fresco: Elite (-); NE Market

    (4) The Bookbinder Rescue: Elite (+); W Market; Traps at each locked door; disable and unlock fast (quest fail)

    (4) Repossession: Elite (-); NW Market; Traps on pedestals

    (4) Come Out and Slay: Elite (+); NW Market; Casters (Lightning)


    The Marketplace (F2P)

    (4) Proof is in the Poison: Elite (+++); SW Market; Casters (Electricity/Acid); Acid resistance a must! Pull back; Poison resist and restoration for the last boss

    (4) Freshen the Air: Elite (++); Ranged mobs, pull back (Fire/Acid/Ice)


    The Harbor (F2P)

    (4) Irestone Inlet: Elite (0); First mate is just NE of the ship by a rest shrine

    (4) Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm; Elite (0); Kobold Shamans (Lightning)

    (4) Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate; Elite (0); Make sure to look for prisoners and Venn's corpse in the cells


    House Phiarlan (F2P)

    (4) Rest for the Restless: Elite (+); Lots of skeletons/archers, and 6 mages (Lightning, Acid, Hold Person)


    House Deneith (F2P)

    (4) Depths of Despair: Elite (-)

    (4) Depths of Darkness: Elite (0); Clerics (Fire)

    (4) Depths of Discord: Elite (0)

    (4) Depths of Doom: Elite (0)


    House Kundarak

    (5) The Lair of Summoning: Elite (+); Traps everywhere, gargoyles and earth eles (High DR); Fire boss at the end, hirelings try to path into the fire and die; pull back

    (5) The Chamber of Insanity: Elite (+); Traps at each lever (and secret chest); incorporeal, wights and arcane skellies (acid/lightning)



    (5) Archer Point Defense: Elite (0); Some large groups; Shamans (Blindness, 2m+)


    Three Barrel Cove (Okay, get it on sale)

    (5) Guard Duty: Elite (-)

    (5) The Stones Run Red: Elite (0); Lots of lava/fire mobs; Shamans (Blindness)

    (5) Ghost of a Chance: Elite (+); Brain puzzle, very complicated and fun; can also just kill boss.

    (5) The Legend of Two-Toed Tobias: Elite (0); Waterbreathing

    (5) Prove Your Worth: Elite (+); Pets on Passive/Stay; Lots of Traps; Look Quest up for Answers

    (5) Brood of Flame: Elite (0); AOE Fire (Need Resist/Protection)


    Necropolis Part 1 (Love; Buy It)

    (5) Tomb of the Burning Heart: Elite (+); Need 4 to start; Ghouls swarm from hidden; Skeleton archers; dart traps; Mummy Rot (Curse/Disease)

    (5) Tomb of the Crimson Heart: Elite (0); Casters (Fire/Lightning/Sonic/Acid); Mummy rot; fire orbs kill minions

    (5) Tomb of the Immortal Heart: Elite (0); Pull back in big rooms; like above

    (5) Tomb of The Sanguine Heart: Elite (0); Like above


    Delera's Tomb (Like It; Purchased)

    (5) The Mystery of Delera's Tomb: Elite (+); Incorporeal undead, need good weapons for end skeletons


    Phiarlan Carnival (Like It; Purchased)

    (5) A Small Problem: Elite (+++); Fire Ele (AOE Fire), Casters (Acid Storm + Disco Ball), and Pack of 4 Dogs at end (Trip); have to keep Brawnpits alive.

    (5) Partycrashers: Elite (+); Long; kill marks to despawn critters; go to party, back to stage/office; do't send guard in (via diplo); finish quest, then back for demon (electric, immune to other types of elemental dmg)

    (5) The Snitch: Elite (0); Make sure to gather all minions and party members at each checkpoint; last boss, demon (Electricity and knockdown)

    (5) Under The Big Top: Elite (0); Traps on every wheel; fire resist for flame doggies; tiefling casters (acid)

    (6) Caged Trolls: Elite (0); Various traps, head to start after finish for extra loot

    (6) Hidden Chapel: Elite (0); Traps


    Marketplace - Devil Assault (Okay, Get on Sale)

    (6) Devil Assault: Normal (-); Easy, but slow

    (6R) Chronoscope: Normal (+++++); Didn't finish it; died at Boilerplate

    The Necropolis

    (6) The Blood Crypt: Elite (0); Lots of ghouls, some casters (die fast); last boss, search for his coffin then kill him.


    House Jorasco

    (6) Redwillow's Ruins: Elite (0); Follow the path around, and then backtrack to finish the ogre army

    (6) Mirra's Sleepless Nights: Elite (0); Frost trap room, all the control panels are up top (monsters below); disable all three and then pull the lever; ghost at the end.

    (6) Dead Predators: Elite (+); Lots of arcane skeletons (acid); ghost at the end


    Delera's Tomb

    (6) Valak's Mausoleum: Elite (+); Timed, lots of arcane skeletons (electric/acid); last fight is pretty tough

    (7) The Missing Party: Elite (+++); Acid room (no box, one-time trips); Magus (lightning resist, 160+ dmg per cast, elemental protection and zerg hard); Pull arcane skeleton and Delera back at the final room

    (7) Free Delera: Elite (0); Ghostly Skeletons (DR Good), Wraiths (Ghost Touch), Arcane Casters (acid/lightning)


    Tangleroot Gorge

    (6) Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to Zulkash: Elite (-)

    (6) Doom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of Woe: Elite (0)

    (7) The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch: Elite (-)

    (7) The Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand: Elite (0); Dart Traps, control panels x 2 appear after you loot the chest


    Three Barrel Cove

    (6) The Troglodytes' Get: Elite (+); Fire/Acid Resist helpful; warlocks love to hold person (annoying)

    (7) Old Grey Garl: Elite; Arcane Skeleton (Lightning/Acid Resist; one-shots for 150+hp); Ghost end boss

    (7) The Scoundrel's Run: Elite (0); Fire trap area sucks.


    House Deneith

    (6) The Bounty Hunter: Elite (0); Lots of traps, fun quest


    House Kundarak

    (6) The Forgotten Caverns: Elite (0); Ice resist at start
    (6) Ruined Halls: Elite (0)



    (6) The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka: Elite (0)

    (6) The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust: Elite (0)

    (7) The Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish Scourge: Elite (0); Brutal sonic trap, control panel on the other side; pull boss back, nothing over there.

    (7) The Grey Moon's Den: Extermination: Elite (0)


    Searing Heights - Sentinels of Stormreach (Sigils and Named Items for Crafting)

    (7) Bargain of Blood: Elite (+)


    House Deneith - Sentinels of Stormreach

    (7) The Black Loch: Elite (0); Casters (Acid Fog/Lightning); One of my favorite quests *

    (7) The Pit: Elite (+++); EPIC! Casters: Warlocks, Apprentices and Preachers (Acid, Lightning, Fire); Traps (Lightning, Acid, Force), Follow yellow crystals from step to step; first code is an X; 2nd is plaques spread through; 2 Steam Valves in third furnace room; every furnace room has chests at top; last room is rough, buff up and target Warlocks first.

    (7) Storm the Beaches: Elite (0); Casters; choose hidden path

    (7) The Tide Turns: Elite (+); Casters,

    (8) Spies in the House: Elite (+++); Horrible quest, air jets don't shoot you correctly, very easy to die to rubber banding


    House Phiarlan

    (7) Tear of Dhakaan: Elite (0); Adepts (Fire) *

    (7) Gwylan's Stand: Elite (0); Lots of traps

    (8) Faithfully Departed: Elite (+); Have to keep venerated alive (minions/pets/summons on passive); only an issue in the rooms; focus on Scorrow first; must save at least 2 of 4


    Delara's Tomb

    (6) Return to Delera's Tomb: Elite (-); No combat

    (8) Thrall of the Necromancer: Elite (+); Traps, not all have control boxes; Caster end boss (Lightning)


    House Jorasco

    (7) The Graverobber: Elite (0); Lots of zombies; AOE! Incorporeal undead; Caster end boss (Lightning/Cold), casts Sleet Storm

    (8) The Path to Madness: Elite (+); Casters (Fire/Stuns), Drow Scorpion Wizard and Cleric

    (8) The Xorian Cipher: Elite (++); Archers stun; Casters (Lightning); Traps one shot; split up into two groups, solve puzzle ASAP and drop down for red spawns; treasure chest where floor breaks; Last door (Angarta Markud), melee mobs spawn behind group, get them first (very hard); Hound has lawful DR and hits for 100+ acid (focus down fast); clear skeletons before pulling, very easy to wipe; treasure room has 1-2 traps per room (be careful)

    (8) Haunted Library: Elite (++); Arcane Skeletons (Cloudkill/HoldPerson), Wights, Incorporeal (Ghost Touch); pull back, don't charge in and always play it safe; acid/lightning resist


    House Kundarak

    (7) Taming the Flames: Elite (++); Fire Elementals, Earth Elementals; fire resist, leave minions on passive/wait; skip this quest; awful xp and unfun

    (8) Caverns of Korromar: Elite (+); Some caster heavy groups (lightning), with lots of fire-immune enemies and incorporeal undead; pull back when needed; explore all the dig sites, and then beholder in the center.


    House Deneith

    (8) Stromvauld's Mine: Elite (0); Casters (Lightning); make sure to look for all the corpses, or you have to backtrack to

    (8) Stormcleave Outpost: Elite (+); in the Anvilfire Inn; head to NE to start, work around, getting all supplies (they're heavy); unlock all the runes; up the steps, there's a hard part with skeletons (and casters); clear slowly and pull back; for the final boss, get the four elemental rooms down, kite him; he has an AOE knockdown/stomp; head back to the fortress (west of the first quest guy), and finish the optional there at the end


    Necropolis (Part 2; Purchased, Like It!)

    (8) Tomb of the Shadow Knight: Elite (0); Casters (Lightning), lots of traps, incorporeal undead (almost everything)

    (8) Tomb of the Shadow King: Elite (+); Need Restoration (and probably remove curse and disease) Casters (Lightning), spike traps you must ddge your way through to disarm (maybe optional); lots of respawning monsters; summons just run off and die; long fight through the dungeon, make sure to rest before the end at central shrine; boss is at the entrance, and you have to take him to the east passageway, through lots of mobs; trap him below, by hitting both upper levers at the same time

    (8) Tomb of The Shadow Lord: Elite (++); Need Restoration (everything drains strength it seems); low str characters might become helpless; need 2+ players to complete; hit switches at the same time or open doors for each other; incorporeal undead (ghost touch); casters (Burning Blood, fire+acid)

    (8) Tomb of the Shadow Guard: Elite (0); Lots of swimming, follow mushrooms & glowy pillars

    (9) The Shadow Crypt: Elite (++); incorporeal undead (ghost touch); 3 variations of each maze; room lighting indicates the "color" of the room/gear; need 2 of each color; use maps online, or keep exploring until you find all the gears; then follow the banner until you reach the lever room; council fight is hard (acid/fire/cold resist), keep moving or you'll get AOE'd down; final boss has DR silver (silver or metalline) and splits often; focus him down


    Vault of Night (in House Kundarak)

    (8) Tharashk Arena: Elite (0); Kill the sidekick (caster) for the final boss first

    (8) The Prisoner: Elite (0); 4 items, along 4 paths; some traps; boss at the end casts magic (lightning)

    (9) Gateway to Khyber: Elite (-)

    (9) The Jungle of Khyber: Elite (?); didn't take notes, can't remember

    (9) Haywire Foundry: Elite (+); Lots of warforged casters (not evil) with CC spells; "grows warm" floor collapses (stay left side); acid and fire resist for the run at the end; move quickly, but clear as you go.

    (10) The Vault of Night: Raid; ?; Haven't done

    (10) Plane of Night: Raid; ?; Haven't done



    (8) Captives of the Cult: Elite (-); trolls (bring fire dmg); one room has an acid trap that we didn't spot; get the jailor's key and free the captives at the four corners; tons of free loot

    (8) Libram of the Six: Elite (-); same as above; ghost boss

    (9) Cleansing the Temple: Elite (-); nothing special

    (9) Fall of the Prelate: Elite (0);

    (10) Quench the Flames: Elite (0); some traps; chest on the lava pools is fire trapped (no sense danger)


    House Phiarlan

    (9) The Church and the Cult: Elite (+); fire/ice traps, ice is esp. rough; last boss is a vampire (silver DR)


    The Ruins of Threnal (Like It; Good Rewards)*

    (9) The Giant Lieutenants: Elite (++); fire giant casters (fire dmg); giants hit pretty hard here, big groups

    (9) The Giant's Lair: Elite (0); more fire giants

    (10) The Giant's Supplies: Elite (0); more fire giants

    (8) In Need of Supplies: Elite (-);

    (8) The Rescue: Elite (0); NPC to protect; buff him up

    (10) Secure the Area: Elite (0); Flesh Renders (DR Good and Cold Iron)

    (9) The Library of Threnal: Elite (-)

    (10) Escort the Expedition: Elite (0); when the npc gets stuck, it's intentional; head back and nw areas open up; there's an upper area above switches; make sure to follow the catwalks to the rainbow door

    (10) Hold for Reinforcements: Elite (0); buff up npc, protect him

    (9) The Missing Expedition: Elite (0); both directions at the start lead to the same general area

    (9) Entering the Gate Chamber: Elite (++); lots of heavy elemental dmg (fire, acid, ice); big ambushes; beholder fight at the end

    (10) The Gate Chamber: Elite (0)


    The Red Fens (Love It)*

    (9) The Claw of Vulkoor: Elite (++); fire traps from the start; be careful; regenerating mobs (focus); if you touch the treasure, you have a rough skely fight on your hands

    (9) The Last Stand: Elite (+); have to protect an NPC; need Deathblock at the end

    (9) Fathom the Depths: Elite (++): start normal, area fills with water; underwater sonic traps (marked), current drags you through them; deathblock needed; gelatinous cube at the end; turn runes off behind it; kite and beware air jets + spike traps

    (9) Into the Deep: Elite (+); amazing quest; bring lightning dmg


    Delera's Graveyard

    (9) The Keeper's Sanctuary: Elite (++); arcane skeletons (cloudkill and lightning bolt); mummies with high damage and DR at the end; some spectral undead

    (11) From Beyond the Grave: Elite (++); skeletons and wights; have to protect the gate (minions) while lighting nodes; can be interrupted by spawning enemies (breaks quest with current bug); have to guard the channeler; end boss is spectral and deals high sonic/death dmg (possibly acid as well).

    (11) And The Dead Shall Rise: Elite (+++); mummies (disease, remove curse -> remove disease) that are vulnerable to fire; skeletons; incorporeal undead; lots of traps, with box on the other side; end boss has one-shot spells (disintegrate); floor falls out beneath your feet; zerg hard & fast (look up for more details)


    The Harbor

    (10) Hiding in Plain Sight: Elite (++); lots of traps; trapped dart hallway, need to invis and get the trap at the end; underwater spinning blade trap gauntlet; end fight, focus on casters first; go up the ladder with invis and let minions open up; use the first rest shrin right away, because mana is tight by the end and you can't backtrack


    The Restless Isles

    (10) Slavers of the Shrieking Mines: Elite (+); kill your way down slowly (to avoid needing to backtrack up); avoid killing miners, but do kill turncoats; miners on gongs need to be hit/killed to stop the sonic dmg and open passages; set henchman (pref ranged, single-target) to passive and use abilities manually.

    (10) Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan!: Elite (++); trapped hallway, avoid blades, hop on stones (order on wall), dodge between fire darts (resist helps), jump on boxes, move between blades; big fight at the end; don't pull the lever at the top of the stairwell (leading down); treasure room has chests behind the hidden door

    (11R) The Twilight Forge
    (12R) The Titan Awakes


    House Jorasco

    (10R) Tempest's Spine


    Ataraxia's Haven (via Port Agents; FTP)

    (10) Reclamation: Elite (+); some large packs here; dwarves have triple crits (fortifaction is strong here); archers use acid ammunition (acid resistance halves their dmg); don't fall, use the lever at the top and work your way down; 3 minibosses/switches, before the final boss.
    (10) Skyros' Jewel: Elite (0); scrags are vulnerable to acid; pull the dwarves back at the end


    Demon Sands - Zawabi's Refuge (N Marketplace; Loved It)

    (10) The Chamber of Rahmat: Elite (0)

    (11) The Chamber of Kourush: Elite (0)

    (11) Purge the Fallen Shrine: Elite (0); fire mephits and demons

    (12) The Chamber of Raiyum: Elite (+++); very long, use shrines (4) and resources carefully; mummies cast mummy rot (curse, disease; no or half heals); mummies take extra fire dmg, but sometimes cast protection from it; floor breaks often; mummy wizards are dangerous (lightning); lots of archers behind traps and breakable floors; three djinn, you can avoid fighting if you have their seals; three main bosses, and then you can get the treasure room below.

    (11) Desert Caravan: Elite (+++); constant battle from the moment the fight starts; lots and lots of melee mobs; must protect the caravans; there are shrines nearby if you die; do not end the quest by talking to the NPC until you pick up your loot (or you get kicked out and lose your loot).

    (11) Maraud the Mines: Elite (0); ranged casters (burning blood, fire/acid; fire wall; hold person) are hard to reach; kill them at range; the items you need for quest completion are located in storage bins

    (12) Chains of Flame: Elite (+++); very long, not many shrines; lots of archers you can't reach; have to use ranged attacks on them (physical and fire dmg from arrows); blind mage gives you a curse (dispel curse then blindness); lots of fire and acid dmg; end fight has many named bosses and many casters, probably need to pull back; one red named is a healer and can be extremely hard to kill (because of his constant healing and displacement); he also hits very hard.

    (11) Raid the Vulkoorim: Elite (0); Scorrow melee/casters (cast dispel magic on you, removing your buffs); unlock the scorpions in the blue magical prisons and kill them to stop the flow of hatchliqngs

    (11) An Offering of Blood: Elite (++++); Intense fight; the moment you touch the blood, you have to fight constantly; go north; avoid locked tunnels if you have limited resources; the first bridge is trapped; kill the ranged drow, and quickly search and disable (the ranged drow respawn); pull the bridge up on the other side to cut down on the respawning attackers; there's a shrine, but if you use it, you'll get more spawns chasing you; in the next, large open room, kill the ranged drow (these don't respawn); there are respawning scorpion below; you (solo or whole group) have to make your way up through the lightning traps, and jump onto the other bridge to lower it; if you go solo, it will be challenge because there's a pack of mobs waiting for you; the last boss is a brutal caster; you can line of sight back the way you came, but his spells hit very hard; kill his scorrow companions first, and then focus on him; he dispels; after he dies, rush pass the scorpions (they hit hard) and finish the quest

    (12) Against the Demon Queen: Elite (+++++); Varied monsters (wildman, mephit, efreet, troglodyte, gnolls, undead, scorpions, etc.); Wildman casters were the hardest (lightning/fire); you have to go through 6 corridors in a specific order (according to the book); touching the wrong runes at the end sends you into a pit of undead (blindness with casters and archers); touching the right rune spawns a Rakshasa; kill the six swords, and you can rest and then engage Queen Lailat, who will promptly murder you; did not complete this quest, she was extremely brutal.

    (12R) Zawabi's Revenge


    Necropolis (Part 3; Loved It)

    (11) Tomb of the Blighted: Elite (0); Bring restoration; get the pouch of phials and fill them at the blessed fountain; use them to work your way through the dungeon, destroying corrupted roots; touching dirty water diseases you (use a phial, and it leaves behind a blessed pool for 6s); zombies spawn into more powerful enemies; use the phial on urns to cleanse them; key in the deep water, you do get disease swimming below; end boss is a mummy, make sure to use a phial on him to weaken his DR (esp to fire, which does double damage)

    (11) Tomb of the Forbidden: Elite (0); Bring fire damage and freedom of movement; group is forced to split up several times; you have to pull the lever on your side, and then trade the gear through bars to your party member on the other side; then they have to pull their lever; you have a small window of time to do this; kill everything to open your doors after; final boss resets if he falls into the deep water, so stay away from it.

    (11) Tomb of the Tormented: Elite (0); You need to use rotting meat to lead rats through the maze; corpse eaters and hounds do not count as rats! Kill them with AOE effects to simplify this quest; lead rats to each pressure plate, to open the way to the final plate that opens the next area; in the 3rd room, there are stationary traps to disable; make sure to lead the rat behind the moving blade trap, using the two safe spots to keep it alive; optionally, at the very end, find the key in mazes 1/2, and unlock the chest at the end of maze 3

    (11) Tomb of the Unhallowed: Elite (+); 4 Wings, have to be done in order; clear everything for optionals and extra loot; get the casters first, because they hudrt.

    (12) The Cursed Crypt: Elite (+++); main enemy is a caster vampire (DR of Good + Silver); you fight him three times; the scariest mobs in here are eternal wizards (break LoS and have minions focus them); there are spectral undead and melee skeletons as well; you cannot kill more than 5 Silver Flame mobs, so keep exploration to a minimum in the cloister rooms; you only need a jewled key from the western rooms, and you can skip the rest once you find it; you need to combat the vampire twice to continue; enter the room, have everyone hide behind a far pillar, and one person can sneak up to activate and pull him back; up top, there are three shrines you have to clear before the final battle; several traps; for the final battle, if you haven't killed any Silver Flame mobs, you can just massacre them here (4 in this fight, and it takes 6 to fail) since this fight is very difficult with them up


    House Phiarlan

    (11) The Spawn of Whisperdoom: Elite (++++); acid resistance is a must for spiders; Whisperdoom is very, very hard to kill (fast regeneration, webs, fire/acid spells, sonic spells, and AOE horrid wilting for huge dmg); vulnerable to Searing Light (wand), Cyclonic Blast (scroll), Disintegrate (scroll); ended up just using my repeater (with force rune arm) and armor of speed, and we broke line of sight as much as possible whenever her legs would rear up; seems like she had a 4-5s cast on her spells, and she rears up during that entire period


    Lordsmarch Plaza (SW Marketplace; FTP)

    (12) Diplomatic Impunity
    (12) Frame Work
    (12) Eyes of Stone


    Attack on Stormreach

    (13) Assault on Summerfield: Elite (0); fight the mobs up top until they're driven back; then head down on the enemy side and kill enough mobs to advance the quest; next, head to the sally port towards the northwest; you fight some mobs once you close the port; finally, you have to kill the commander; a chest appears once he's dead, close to where he spawns.

    (13) Blockade Buster: Elite (++); vanguard and casters (gnoll warpriest, warmage and kobold technicians) are dangerous; bosses arent too bad, but one is a caster (with disintegrate); fire resist is also good here (for archers and AOE fire spells); clear ship surface, captain's quarters and mess halls (to find crests) before going down into the crew quarters; the crew quarters fights (big brawls) are the most difficult

    (13) Undermine: Elite (0); fire resistance helps here; earth elementals; explosive charges as a mechanic (rogues and artificers set/explode quicker); clear out the mine field with explosives; after you cross the bridge, you're nearing the boulder; have some people stay back to prevent a wipe; you can blow the boulder up with a well-timed explosive; have someone run up to activate the boulder while someone stands much further back and sets a charge; final boss is a caster; at 50%, he runs away, setting charges behind him; do not follow him, or you'll get one-shot (~1500 dmg)

    (13) Siegebreaker: Elite (+); make sure to complete all the optionals, or you'll have to fight the mini-bosses at the end battle; when you hear the medusa's rattlesnake sound, pull your minions back and run away to prevent instant deaths; for the final battle, make sure to run away if you get the fire curse on you (to avoid killing your friends); for the puzzle, each pressure plate, every round, is trapped; once traps are disabled, run around the circle one way, hitting each plate in order until you have a triangle of only 3 plates lit; hit the single plate opposite the pair, and it will complete the puzzle; once the hag retreats, be prepared for a tough fight; clear the cavalry (they hit very hard), and then work on the puzzle afterwards.


    House Cannith Challenges: Max Level 15

    (15) Dr. Rushmore's Mansion: Behind the Door: 3 Star (+++), solving 3 baubles, killing Mistress, and then killing the Mother Spider; Clear as many breakables as possible for crests; crests tend to be the limiting factor; focus on ghostly casters first (messengers and heralds); gargoyles are slow to kill (high Adamantine DR); Elementals of all flavors in the bath house and elsewhere (banishing is great here); a wonderful map and suggested path can be found here @

    (15) Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos: 3 Star (++), extract 500 dragon shards, kill the lantern archon, desecrat 6 kobold idols; Kobolds, sahaugin and mud golems; very hard casters and water elementals at the large reactors; to get an easy three star run, keep one small reactor (#1) defended by player #1 or possibly a hireling; upgrade it as soon as you can; the second player should run around desecrating the kobold altars (north circuit and then south circuit); once that's done, activate another small reactor (#2); defend it, but don't upgrade it; as soon as the lantern archon appears, player two should head off and kill it; at this point, you can go and capture a large reactor for fun if you want to; an excellent map can be found at:

    (15) Lava Caves: Circles of Power: 4 Star (+++), 150 crystals, 300 extra crystals, purchase no torches, keep all kobolds alive; Scorpions, drow and scorrow; lots of poison; casters are priority; some red names; 4 star strat involves two players; player A (PA) takes a teleporter (T1) east, while player B (PB) guards base camp; PA drops T1, ports back and gets T2; PB guards current teleporter and camp, while PA scouts out a new circle of power; when PA finds a circle, PB grabs the current teleporter and walks back to camp; meanwhile, PA drops their teleporter and guards the kobolds until PB gets to camp, and teleports to PA; PB drops their teleporter in a random spot; PA picks it up and heads off to find another circle of power while PB guards the current teleporter + camp; rinse and repeat.


    The Twelve (F2P)

    (13) Mired in Kobolds: Elite (++++); kobolds and black dragons; fire resist is amazing when fighting kobolds (nearly negates all thrower damage); focus on shamans first whenever they are present; when you get to the end, you'll have to fight a young black dragon, with a bunch of melee and shaman kobolds; get the casters first; found it was easiest to have a melee (high hp and dmg/threat) tank the black dragons; we used a barbarian hireling with ~450 health; kept up acid resist and protection from acid (refresh from scroll every time a dragon breathes on the tank); made sure melee tank was always at full health; don't stand in melee or you'll get knocked down and potentially one-shot; stay at range unless you're durable and self-sufficient (heals needs to focus only on the dragon tank); very long fight; keep dps up or heals will run out of spell power; if you do happen to wipe, she does not heal, so you can finish her off on a second attempt.


    Ruins of Gianthold

    (13) The Maze of Madness: Elite (0); Razor cats and minotaur (melee and casters); lots and lots of traps; traps at most switches; need two players or a hireling to get past many of the doors

    (13) Trial by Fire: Elite (0); Trolls (vulnerable to fire and acid) and spiders (immune to acid); there are hidden paths behind banners; after one of the trolls throws something down the pit, you'll find a chest at the bottom; there are three generals to kill; then, in the final, top room, there's a small crack (very easy to miss) where you'll find the last boss.

    (13) A Cry for Help: Elite (0); floor breaks after trap behind iron door; small path, lines up with 2nd line from the rght; central NE path, floor breaks after you cross; high jump and feather cross back (don't die and lose the key); after you hit both switches and drop the bridges, there is a secret door in the water below; the lever inside opens the underwater west portculis, which leads to a red named and a chest; make sure not to activate the control box until you have your treaure; just walking near it teleports you away

    (13) Feast or Famine
    (13) Foundation of Discord
    (14) The Crucible
    (14) Madstone Crater
    (14) The Prison of the Planes
    (14) Gianthold Tor
    (14) A Cabal for One
    (14R) The Reaver's Fate


    Necropolis Part 4 - Litany of the Dead Part 4

    (14) Flesh Maker's Laboratory: Elite (++++); Flesh golems (DR of Adamantine; healed by lightning) hit hard and are tough to kill; there are some casters here (golem enchanters and priests); after you find Mentau, you can reach the lightning area directly west of where Mentau is located; you take a difficult-to-spot ramp up to another level; you must travel down both paths to unlock the final area; protection from lightning and lightning resist is crucial here to avoid being one-shot; move slowly; we found it was best to use a minion to open the electrified doors (because we kept getting interrupted); the final room is extremely frustrating; there are five levers that must be hit at the same time while you're being hit by respawning elementals that can knock you off; we had one ranged (repeater with banishing) standing at the dead center run, killing off the elementals as quickly as possible (still not as fast as they spawned), while parking a minion next to a second rune; the second player parked two minions next to two other switches, and then went and hit the fifth; we hit our runes (and our minion's runes, through them), and spawned the final boss; stay up above, and kill it; there is an optional encounter at the end, that's likewise frustrating; you have to kill several waves of flesh golems, while hugging the wall (or electricty one-shots you); we did not complete the optional and felt it was pretty stupid!

    (14) Ghosts of Perdition: Elite (+++++); Skeletal and ghostly undead (Many are vulnerable to fire); need very high dps and multiple groups (at least two players); warforged are strong against the first two minibosses (they have poison attacks); the brothers must both die within a short window (less than 30s) or they respawn at full hp; in the next area, each statue spawns a miniboss and three small adds; the miniboss must die before you can destroy the frozen statue; the final boss is an undead beholder (need ghost-touched weapons, no DR; lots and lots of hit points; dispels, anti-magic zone, beholder stuff) and you must dps him down below certain percentages to advance the fight (~75%, 50%, 25%, 10%); on our only kill, we had to run back 4-5 times to be able to slowly whittle him down; you can kill some of the adds, but they respawn until they're all cleared (pretty large numbers of adds); we chose to just focus on the beholder

    (14) Desecrated Temple of Vol: Elite (+++); Shadows (Ghost Touch), vampires (DR Good + Silver) and maruts (DR Chaotic); two wings from the start; left side has dart traps; buff up and try to make it through alive; right side has blade traps; you can jump along the left wall (over arches); there are lots of shadows and a caster quell at the end (pretty hard fight); there's sprawling hallways after, where gates may close on you; move slowly and pull back; the final boss fight involves four vampiric guards (vampire casters with a knockdown of some sort) of Vol; there's also an optional portal room (no healing allowed inside, must kill several waves of maruts; constructs with DR 20 Chaotic)

    (14) Inferno of the Damned: Elite (+++) Human and undead casters (cast disintegrate and elemental magic), mephits; lots of cold vulnerability and fire immunity here; Must have abundant fire and ice magic to complete this quest (we used fireball and ice storm); travel back and forth from the normal world to the fire world to navigate this maze; when you kill a mob in the normal world, it's spirit spawns in the fire world; must kill the fire spirits in the real world first, and then in the fire world after; at one point, you have to jump up after a fire spirit dies in the fire world; the acoloytes of flame also port everyone in melee range when they die (and are a very tough fight both before, and after you port, when you get dumped into their spirits)

    (15) Litany of the Dead

    (17R) Ascension Chamber


    The Twelve (FTP)

    (15) Delerium: Elite (++); Hounds (DR Lawful), Reavers (DR Byeshk), Beholders; the drinking contest is obnoxious; you can have hirelings drink the goblets on the table (helps if you have a melee hireling with high fort saves); heroism and save boost gear helps a lot here as well; moving on, always target mini-beholders first; reavers hit pretty hard; during the madness, you can get a key behind the mirror and open a chest near the first set of shrines; there's a hidden door after the cook's area that opens an extra chest; the final battle is pretty tough; AOE down the tiles and always swap to the reavers when they spawn; if you don't keep the reavers killed, you will get overwhelmed by them.

    (15) Acid Wit: Elite (++++); Troglodyte Warriors, Hunters, Stalkers, and Shamans (Healers with AOE elemental dmg; acid, fire, lightning); acid, fire and electrical resist are all very strong here; there are lots of elementals (banishing is very helpful here); the end boss is a very tough caster with strong spells; hirelings get confused on the ramp down; use line of sight and attack from above, at range; grab your chests after he dies, and then decide if you want to stay for the optional; if so, get back above and pull back up the ramp in small, mzanageable packs


    Web of Chaos (FTP, Harbor; MOTU Intro Quests)

    (16) The Lords of Dust: Elite (++++) Human Cultists, Fiendish Lions (DR Cold Iron, not a big deal really), Death Knights and Rakshasa (casters with brutal spells); death knights are extremely tough and do a great amount damage; they also have very high health pools; the real challenge in this quest comes from the casters who have one-shot and potent AOE spells (horrid wilting, cometfall, and blade barrier); there are also lots of traps; control panels are always located on the other side; final battle is a group of high health skeletons, followed by a caster Rakshasa, and finally a melee drow that hits very hard but goes down relatively quickly

    (16) Servants of the Overlord: Elite (+++++); Drow Warriors (Acid arrows; use acid resist), Wizards (Disintegrate), Priestesses (Healers), Flame Reavers (Cold Iron DR and flame vulnerability; AOE fire; use fire resist), Rakshasa (AOE caster, ice and lightning), Hounds (Trip and maybe other CC); Pull back and use cover (esp ledges) wherever possible to split the enemy groups up; some of these fights are just plain cruel (lots of elemental AOE)

    (16) The Spinner of Shadows: Elite (+++++); Spinner of Shadows, Hezrou (DR Good, hit very hard and teleport), Fiendish Lions (DR Cold Iron), Flame Spiders (weak melee mobs); Two packs of Rakshasa and Drow (priests and warriors), before the boss fight; for the boss fight, you want to tank the Spinner near the Flame; DO ON HARD.

    (16) Beyond the Rift:


    Disciples of Shadow (FTP; Shadowfell Intro Quests, start in Eveningstar)

    (15) Disciples of Shar
    (15) Escape Plan


    Harbinger of Madness

    (15) Sinister Storage: Elite (++++); Hounds (DR Lawful, use an AOE sonic attack, first priority), Mind Flayers (DR Byeshk, have a stun and cast spells), Taken (generic melee mobs), Humans, Reaver Boss (caster with ele spells); stay in the corner near the ressurection shrine and you can self-rez; get the dogs asap and try to remain spread out; use the shrine if you die

    (15) Missing: Elite (++++); Hounds (DR Lawful, use an AOE sonic attack, first priority), Mind Flayers (DR Byeshk, have a stun and cast spells), Reavers (DR Byeshk, hit extremely hard) Taken (generic melee mobs), Pale Fire (cold spells, reflective melee dmg), Beholder Boss; make sure to move slowly and pull back where possible; everything here (except for the Taken) are very dangerous; healer mana was a big concern here; save the optional guard fight (near the entrance) for last; the caster is very difficult (mostly cold dmg) and can both stun and one-shot with his spells.

    (15) Fear Factory: Elite (0); Taken; a couple mind flayers, hounds, undead and kobolds

    (15) In The Flesh: Elite (+++++); there's an optional underwater trap room; for proper timing, when you move to get through the traps, start moving into them on their way down; when you get to the extreme challenge beholder, go ahead and do him (he's pretty easy, compared to the end of the quest); the end fight is extremely hard, and requires a fair amount of coordination; we have not beaten it on hard or elite yet. DO ON NORMAL.


    The Vale of Twilight

    (16) Let Sleeping Dust Lie: Elite (+++); Gnolls (archer/melee mobs), Orcs (casters that do high elemental dmg, fire and lightning primarily), and Rakshasas (same as the caster orcs, but slightly more damaging); explore everything in an organized manner; whenever you find a journal, it causes a boss to spawn; when the boss is dead, you get a key that opens more doors; the first boss is somewhere down a random tunnel, while the second appears in the main chamber; you have to avoid killing spiders here, so keep pets on passive (or don't summon them at all); make extensive use of kiting (while another player dpses the correct mobs) and bluffing to make the fights easier; if you don't kill any spiders before the final fight, you can kill the last 4 spiders linked to the last boss without failing the quest; there is an extra chest for not killing a spider at any point during the quest, but it's probably not worth the trouble.

    (16) Rainbow in the Dark: Elite (++); Gnolls (archers, divine casters, melee), Demons (DR Good), Stone Golems (DR Adamantine), Fire and Earth Elementals (last boss is a fire ele), Rust Monsters, Beholders; adventure is dark, but can be lit up by the scepter and certain magic (fireballs and exploding fire rune arms; lantern archon summons work well too); when you get to the clock puzzle, only one person should attempt it; if you fail (Russian Roulette), you will get killed when the floor drops; before crossing the darkened spike/pillar room, take the other passageway to grab the silver key; shortly after you pass the spike/pillar jumping room (take the entie party), touching the floor rune seals the small room and you get ambushed by fire elementals and scorpions; when you get to the rainbow puzzle, starting from left, set the runes up as Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet; for the final boss, use the pillars to LOS his fireballs if you have aggro.

    (16) Ritual Sacrifice
    (16) Running with the Devils
    (16) The Coalescence Chamber

    (17R) The Shroud


    The Subterrane (Explorer Area)

    (18R) Hound of Xoriat
    (18R) A Vision of Destruction


    Reaver's Reach


    Reign of Madness


    The Path of Inspiration


    The Dreaming Dark



    Devils of Shavarath


    Secrets of the Artificers



    House Cannith Challenges: Max Level 20

    (20) Kobold Island - Short Cuts: 3 Star (++), extract 300 shards, do not kill any kobolds, deplete all 8 portals; Tieflings, kobolds and demons; set all pets to passive to avoid kobold death; have one player guard a single exractor (upgraded ASAP) so you can reach your quota; the other player should run around, desecrating kobold idols and depleting the 8 portals (time is tight, so this is top priority); it takes 3 jumps in each portal to deplete them; they reactivate after ~15s; the indictor tells you when a portal has been depleted (look to see if it increments downwards); the exctractor player can help get nearby portals; once you meet your quote, they can switch to portals full-time (extra shards don't improve your stars)

    (20) Kobold Island - The Disruptor: 4 Star (+++), extract 400 shards, leave the entropic skeleton up for 4m, have 5 level 2 turrets active at once, do not let any extractors get destroyed; this is somewhat based on luck with the entropic skeletons; have each player activate and guard a single extractor; it cannot die, or you lose a star; pick off kobolds that are nearby, while guarding your extractor; you can go after archon shards (very helpful) as long as you are 100% sure your extractor won't get killed; upgrade both extractors ASAP; when the skeleton dies, stay away from it to avoid aggroing it; pull it back to one of the extractors when it's at ~3m30s (watch the indicator); kill it right after it hits the 4m mark; let your crystals go up past 400, and then immediately buy 5 turrets and upgrade them all; your final crystal count does not matter, as long as you hit 400 before the end.

    (20) Lava Caves - Collosal Crystals

    (20) Extraplanar Palace - The Dragon's Hoard
    (20) Extraplanar Palace - Buying Time
    (20) Extraplanar Palace - Labor Shortage

    (20) Dr Rushmore's Mansion - Moving Targets: 2 Star (++), kill at least one boss and kill a boss in the bathroom; somewhat based on luck, just head for the bathroom ASAP with enough crests to open two doors


    Menace of the Underdark: The Darkening


    Menace of the Underdark: City of Portals


    Menace of the Underdark: The Queen of the Demonweb


    Menace of the Underdark: Side Quests


    Unsorted FTP

    (11) Made to Order
    (11) The Enemy Within
    (11) Dreams of Insanity
    (12) Invaders!
    (12) A Relic of a Sovereign Past
    (18) In the Demon's Den


    Everything Below Comes From Our First Life (TR0)

    Gianthold (Purchased)

    (13) A Cry For Help: Hard (0), Elite (+)
    (13) A Cabal For One: Hard (0), Elite (+)
    (14) Madstone Crater: Hard (++), Elite (?)
    (14) Prison of the Planes: Hard (+), Elite (++) *
    (14) The Crucible: Hard (+++++), Elite (?)
    (14) Gianthold Tor: Hard (+), Elite (?) - Dragons at End are +++++

    The Vale of Twlight (Don't Like It; Lots of Twleve Favor, for Large Ingredient Bags; 850)

    (16) Running With the Devils: Hard (+); Last boss, pull back; lots of demons; Extraplanar, Cold Iron/Metaline
    (16) Ritual Sacrifice: Hard (0); NPC can't die, runs ahead and fails quest; HATE
    (16) The Coalescence Chamber: Hard (++); Lots of clunky jumping, backtracking; UNFUN

    Reaver's Reach (Buy It; 250) *

    (16) Enter the Kobold: Hard (+++); Easy and fun, very hard end-boss; fire protection a must
    (16) Monastery of the Scorpion: Hard (0); Easy and fun *
    (16) Prey on the Hunter: Hard (+++); Fun, gauntlet adventure; run lots and lots; giant-bane a must! *
    (16) Stealer of Souls: ?; Didn't get to do it

    Reign of Madness (Buy It; 450; Flag in Order, Central Tower) *

    (17) Acute Delerium: Hard (++); Find keys behind beds and bookcases; watch mimic at end*
    (17) The Sane Asylum: Hard (+); Again, very fun. Metal DR and Outsiders *
    (17) The Lord of Stone: Hard (0); Very fun! *
    (17) The Lord of Eyes: Hard (0); Fun, no summons when doing elementals *

    The Path of Inspiration (Buy It; 350) *

    (18) Finding the Path: Hard (0); Easy, bring lots of reduction/bypass *
    (18) I Dream of Jeets: Hard (+); Easy and fun; same as above *
    (18) The Shipwrecked Spy: Hard (0); Easy and fun; find the scorpion rune for more loot *
    (18) Dream Conspiracy: Hard (0); Easy and fun; find the prisoners before opening the last door. *
    (18) The Minsunderer: Hard (+++); Fun! Use back door; owlbears get stuck here. Have all the discs first. *

    The Devils of Shavarath (Like it; very hard; not a first buy)
    (19) The Weapons Shipment: Hard (++++); Very fun, waves of adds

    Evening Star Challenges

    Dryad Grove - Defenseless: +++
    Dryad Grove - The Great Tree: +++
    Ruined Keep - Sunset Ritual: ++
    Ruined Keep - Sunset Ritual: +++

    The Druid's Deep
    Outbreak: Hard (+); Plant-Bane, lots of zombies, fun *
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