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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrudh View Post
    I really should link that one really excellent thread where someone asked "If you were in charge at Turbine, what would you do?". There were 50-60 really good posts with solid concrete suggestions, and then there was a huge post from you where you explained how awesome a coder you were, and how you'd fire all the developers because they didn't understand how to run a business as good as you did, etc, etc, etc, for about 10 paragraphs, and you never added a SINGLE useful suggestion.
    Please don't, internet pretend time grandeur delusions are embarrassing to read.

    [Edit] but don't worry Gmax likes his own fan fiction enough to quote himself... *facepalm*

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    Due to fighting, this thread is now closed. Remember folks that you have the option of ignoring people whose posts you cannot read without getting angry, or who you have a long-term disagreement with.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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