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    Quote Originally Posted by Charononus View Post
    The only problem with this is that you can never step into a challenge if you choose. I enjoy raiding, if I decide to run demon queen, I have to run thru a pointless explorer to do dq1. You can extend this to include vod, hox, lob, ma, sort of titan, tod has a component where you have to flag for it thru the explorer. This doesn't even address the bs that is getting a party to demonweb quests, or chains of flame. I won't even throw up pugs for those anymore because you spend twice as long getting everyone to the quest as you do in the quest in a pug. Even if you wait for people by the door to run them in, at least one person will wander off doing their own thing and get lost.
    So add a teleporter. No need to change a part of the game for those who enjoy it just to make it more profitable for those who have other parts they like.

    Also, what does changing the xp/loot mechanics, which is what seems to be what this thread is discussing, have to do with invisa-running to quests anyway? How would giving more profit oriented players incentive to spend time in explorers change how long it takes you to run to quests?

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    Default Respawn with increased mobs level

    Here is one probably dumb idea:

    Instead of having to Recall/Reset to have mobs respawning at some point but with higher and higher level (or something like that). Also rewards should increase (XP, loot, or maybe instead of XP that each kill counts more).
    I may be dumb...
    @Thelanis: Guslar/Machkica/Cvr/Weadar

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