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The only problem with this is that you can never step into a challenge if you choose. I enjoy raiding, if I decide to run demon queen, I have to run thru a pointless explorer to do dq1. You can extend this to include vod, hox, lob, ma, sort of titan, tod has a component where you have to flag for it thru the explorer. This doesn't even address the bs that is getting a party to demonweb quests, or chains of flame. I won't even throw up pugs for those anymore because you spend twice as long getting everyone to the quest as you do in the quest in a pug. Even if you wait for people by the door to run them in, at least one person will wander off doing their own thing and get lost.
So add a teleporter. No need to change a part of the game for those who enjoy it just to make it more profitable for those who have other parts they like.

Also, what does changing the xp/loot mechanics, which is what seems to be what this thread is discussing, have to do with invisa-running to quests anyway? How would giving more profit oriented players incentive to spend time in explorers change how long it takes you to run to quests?