I know I have mentioned it in a couple of threads but I think it's well and truly time Turbine started giving us some more end game raids.

Now of course raids cost development money, but what if there was already a low level raid, with an interesting map that could be altered to also be an Epic Raid, which could even be given an awesome name like OMG "Return to Tempest Spine".

To me Tempest Spine fits the bill for a Stand Alone Epic Raid, no flag mechanics, a fantastic map, objectives required within the raid at Heroic Levels that could be beefed for epic content and an interesting spot for a final showdown battle.
Of course we would get a bit of a back story about how Tempest Spine has been repopulated since the fall of Sorjek etc etc...... with a new end boss to tackle at the top of the Mountain.

Epic Tempest Spine Aka "Return to Tempest Spine"
-The same map as Heroic, allowing for up to 12 players.
-EN Lvl 25, EH Lvl 26, EE Lvl 27.
-The Fire and Ice objective to remain, separate Miniboss epic item drops from here. Accessories or Jewelry.
-Several Miniboss fights throughout the Spine whilst traversing to the top, each with item drops on completion. Accessories or Jewelry.
-A tough end fight that requires tactics and teamwork.
-LOOT! Commendations of Heroism, Some fully built Epic Armors, epic weapons that can be used with the armors to form a 2 Piece Set. The armors should compete with but not necessarily be more powerful than Gianthold armors, the wepaons should compete with but not necessarily be better than CiTW.

Now it would be nice if Turbine could give us something like this for FREE, but hey if they implemented it I would be willing to throw a small to medium amount of TP at it.

People might say, "but hey we already know the map" etc etc, We knew the FOT map before anyone ever set foot into the raid!

Just an idea.