An increasingly important issue that has caused some confusion in the game has been artificially capped caster levels in DDO. Some spells such as aid (8 temp hit points +1 per caster level, max caster level 10) are capped so low so as to be reduced ineffective, and there are numerous examples of community named "worthless spells". With more an more items being added to the game, as well as epic destinies increasing "caster levels", allot of confusion has been caused, simply because the vast majority of spells in ddo have artificially capped caster levels so those extra "caster levels" don't really do anything at all.

What I propose is simple:
Remove the max caster level from spells

What this change will do/what is needed:
1. Some spells will gain power relative to others that were previously uncapped
2. Better scaling for casters in general
3. Better itemization for casters (add more raid loot etc with "increased caster level")
4. Some spells may need there damage dice adjusted slightly
5. Make ANY increase in caster level a sought after goal for casters, and eliminate confusion over its value

P.S. I really think epic destinies should not effect caster levels (unless as a specific talent) but rather epic LEVELS increase caster level. Will also make it easier. For casters in picking ED trees instead of feeling forced into trees assosciated with their class, which Melee characters do not have to deal with.