I just wanted to introduce me and Alluistras (since we're a couple) to the group. We're longtime, avid game players. We've played countless D&D tabletop games (usually with our two children), but I always tend to get bored with them because I don't get enough RP interaction back from the young ones. We also play WoW, where we've been raid leading 2-7 nights per week for many years (since Ulduar, if that has meaning for you). We've been heavily playing DDO for about a year now, and it's become our game of choice outside of raiding in our other MMO. We love being able to duo together (with hirelings), and we're high-skilled players who constantly seek to conquer new and more challenging content. We're mature, warm, loving and ultimately pretty awesome people to hang out with; this DDO static party is our experiment in leading some quality group content here in DDO.