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    Quote Originally Posted by IRememberWhen View Post
    I had this problem with my previous life as a monk and the Frozen Tunic. I had few gear options remaining for a blue or green augment slot. Hellfire cloak from Deleras is another cloak with a green slot and also offers some basic fire resistance.
    There's also Chord of Reprisals which is a nice belt into upper levels if not end game simply because it's got a green slot and a yellow, and a guard effect that is okay as well.
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    Default Can it be done

    Can this be solo run? I was under the impression that the chest was locked and needed a rogue to pick under water, and the water puzzle needed min 3 ppl to do it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by locus View Post
    Oh, man. I forgot about that (actually I had given up on farming -any- of the loot from Restless Isles, due to drop rate... years of trying on and off). Thanks.
    Yes, I would hesitate recommending this pack for gear alone unless that person really enjoys farming. I have tried off and on to pull a royal guard mask for... uhh, i guess now... years. Not once have I pulled it. I have bought all the ones I own currently. For whatever reason, I've pulled a lot of mystic belts though, which is kind of mehh.

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