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Thread: I just need 1

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    Default I just need 1

    person to join my Orchard group to help me pull levers and get keys. Just 1!

    We will do it on elite for max xp, I will use my max + emp blade barriers and you will have lots of xp in no time!

    Is there anyone alive out there? anyone?

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    Um... Ok, I'll take the bait...

    I was jus about to hit the "join" button when it dawned on me that... There isn't one! Because, you know, we're on the forum... Perhaps if you included your server you might find a sympathectic helper, but whatever...

    How sad, I really am bored enough to write this reply...
    Now excuse me while I wander off to arm myself with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and hunker down behind my Armored Beer Refrigerator, while I have the UFO's take control of the Congresional Wives with the help of the International Cocaine Smugglers and the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow - btw, do you have change for 10 million population?

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