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I decided to become a premium user and purchased lots of TP when I bought MotU Expansion. at that time, the exclusive benefit of VIP users is availability to quick-access Heroic Elite. I could give up to be a VIP user and lots feature, so I took all things, shared bank, challenges and most packs of quest, Races and Classes, and so on. It's enough for me even if I didn't get that VIP exclusive feature.(and giving 500 TP per month)

later some months, developers gave a new benefit to VIP users, 10% exp bonus - same to endless 10% exp pot... Well, until the time, I was not angered, just gotten envy of VIP users.

But for now, FREE GOLD DICE for VIP users? are you kidding? are you gonna making all premium users mad who has their reasons to give up becoming VIP? I purchased about over 200 dollars, and It could make me a great VIP user to play the game well, but I passed it by my thought. but It's something getting me.. eh.. well... hah.

It's not that I don't agree your plan to give a new benefit to VIP users, but at least I just want to take some reasonable reward for becoming a HEAVY premium user, and other ppl would do also I believe.

as well, It's not that I suggest every premium users should take the reward. I'm saying about heavy premium users who could become a VIP user enough but gave up it.
Yeah, I dont think anyone will bite on this one... you can allways Pay $10-$15 more a month to get your 4 gold rolls for random scraps..
Going premier from VIP probably still netted you ahead of those of us still paying monthly who still have to buy the so called "expansions" which are not really expansions. an Expansion is equivilent to buying a new game.. we got... nvm.. anything I add here is banworthy.... and I think I have already exceeded my Cordovan infractions for the year...