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    Default Bag Exclusivity: It's time for it to go.

    Yes. I imagine this has been heard before ... but I've got my favorite beating stick, and I can't resist a dead horse when it's looking me in the eyes. So let's begin:

    I get it. I really get it. I promise. You want me to buy the gigantic bags in cash shop. But making the vendor-bought bags exclusive isn't doing that. Instead, you have me doing gymnastics with my vault, my shared storage, and my inventory,trying to arrange collectables. And it's an unnecessary headache.

    When I go to the grocery store, they aren't telling me "Sir -- Sir! It is physically impossible for you to carry two Stater's Bros. bags at the same time. You've got to trade one of those out for a Vons bag immediately!"

    I don't think the store-bought virtue of having all collectables (ingredients, ect) in one inventory slot would be superseded if you let me carry my 3 collectables bags in my inventory, so I didn't have to juggle. Just some food for thought.
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    Space managent in ddo is ridiculous. It's time for a change.
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    Planar shards from the Subterrane --> Unbound Large red bag.
    100 Twelve Favor --> Unbound Green bag.

    I have a large red with all craftable collectables in it.
    I have a medium red bag (house P bought) with the junk collectables
    I have 3 ingredients bags for shroud/crafting, BTA ingredients, and epics/shards and whatnots that I've crafted.
    I managed to get a large blue (gem) bag from Necro 4 on one of my lives.

    I pass these 6 bags around the shared bank.

    My TR-junkie has a colossal greenbag for overflow of useful stuff.

    Most first life alts just need a medium greenbag for BTC ingredients (Shav signet stones, etc).

    You really don't need to spend the TP if you spend some time. The only thing that was a pain to get was the large red bag. Farming sub-t is not my style. 100 Twelve Favor happens every life anyway, so I actually have a surpluss of unbound large green bags.

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