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    Default New to DDO

    Hey guys! I've finally decided to take the plunge into DDO and see what all the fuss is about. I tried the new shiny, but prefer something more closely based on D&D rules... and I prefer 3.5 rules anyways. Prior to that, I was an AD&D fan.

    That being said, it's been a LONG time since I've played DND. To put it into context, I stopped playing the PnP game regularly shortly after third edition was released.

    I'm extremely rusty with D&D. Is it a bad idea to start off with one of the specialist classes? I've always been fond of rogues (assassins in particular), but can't start off as one without beginning with a "high level character". Is it preferable to begin my first DDO character as one of the basic classes and tr to rogue later on?

    Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing you on Khyber.

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    Greetings and welcome to the game! Now since you are a fan of PnP remember that DDO is like it in some ways but mostly it's a lot different since things don't transfer well in to an MMO. I would recommend a Fighter for your first character since they are simple to play and allows you to learn game mechanics etc plus you can always start another toon as Rogue or even TR your Fighter


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    Thanks! I'll probably start off with one of the "easy" classes as you suggested until I get a grasp on the game mechanics.

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    Default I will assume you are Free to Play

    This means you own only the basic FLESHLING races and the basic classes.

    At low levels, to solo with, the best character to learn on is a dwarf ranger. At 6th level the ranger gets multi shot which is 20 seconds of lots of arrows.

    If you want to play the dumbest and easiest class, a dwarf barbarian. A barbarian only has two concerns, hitting everything and trying to stay healed.

    A human cleric or a dwarf cleric are easy to get into other groups. But you will need to learn what spells to carry, how things function, short cut bars, best feats, best enhancements, yada yada yada.

    Maybe an elf paladin might work. I don't like paladins but they have been improved since I found out they are a terrible cleric and a bad front line fighter.

    If you choose to be a sorceror or wizard you will die a lot on low levels if you try to solo.

    If you like rogues, later on you could try multi classing a rogue. A good combinations are 23 Wizard/ 2 rogue. Rogues and wizards share intelligence as a necessary Characteristic. You will be able to do most traps in the game and have evasion. I would recommend a halfling wizard/rogue for an F2P.


    I see you are on Khyber, hopefully a nice veteran player over there will over to give you a nice bunch of starter gear.

    If you go fighter, look for (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5)Battle Plate and a (+1, +2, +3, +4, +5)Battle Tower Shield as your best armor until level 10. See if you can find a holy slashing weapon for your level, or a lacerating slashing weapon of your level. An (+1 +2 +3)acid Longsword of Lacerating is a very good low level fighter weapon.
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    As a fairly new player myself, and one that loved playing DnD back in the day, but hasn't played since 3.0 and is not a video game player... well, not much anyway... I will pass along my meager experience.

    First off, DDO is not DnD. It is based on DnD, but it is a video game. Therefor, combat is everything. It is fast paced, real time, and exciting, and this is a huge improvement over PnP. The downside is that there is very little, if any, roleplaying and the game is filled with immature, selfish, high twitch skill players who have mastered the video game side of things but aren't really interested in anything other than faster and more powerful. There are plenty of folks more similar to you and I as well, but I just want to let you know that not everyone plays DDO because it is based on DnD.

    For character choice, I would stick with something simple to start with. But if you wanted to play a wizard, it's not that hard to start with either. I would avoid multi classing until you get a good idea of what you're doing. Keep in mind that almost anything you do to your first character can probably be fixed... you get 1 free lesser reincarnation which will allow you to reassign stats, skill points, and even reassign a few levels to remove or add a multiclass. You can do this even after your free 1 time opportunity, but it will require either some form of in game currency or collectible or real world cash. You also get 1 free feat swap by running a simple quest in the marketplace. Look for Lockania up in the north (ish) section of the marketplace. Again, you can do this again after your free swap, but it will require something from you in the way of collectibles or platinum. Your enhancements can be changed every three days using a small amount of plat at lower levels, or a bit more plat at higher levels. There is never a reason to save a bunch of action points. Use them, and if you realized there's a better way to use them later on, redo them.

    Don't rush things. As a new player at low levels, you'll want to take your time and figure stuff out. Try to stay away from parties called "TR parties" as these folks are veteran players who generally rush through quests as fast as possible to get to level 20. They have the quests memorized and the characters maximized so that they have little or no problems. You will have problems, and will have a hard time hanging with them. Just find some like minded people and have fun. Don't worry too much about the speed freaks and meta gamers. Once you lose your new player smell, you'll never get it back, so enjoy it while you can.

    So basically, don't worry too much about character generation. Read, ask questions, but mostly just dive in and see what's going on.

    If you're on the Cannith server, let me know what your character name is and I will be glad to help you out. (I do TR, but not really into the rat race aspect, have no problem slowing down and helping folks out)

    And have fun!

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    Default Good info

    Thanks for the info guys. As for whether or not I am F2P, I am trying VIP for the first month, mainly to give me access to the races (and classes) I want to try out without having to pay more than a month's VIP membership fee to start. Besides that, I'm taking the advice to stick with simple solo builds until I know the game a bit better. After that, there's always LR, TR and alts if I want to try something different (read: fix my broken build)

    Like you said, it's DDO, not pnP D&D. Thanks for the input. I'm on Khyber right now (seems fine), but I'll probably be hopping around servers with various characters until I find my favorite community.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Welcome to Khyber!

    Quote Originally Posted by pr1v1t View Post

    Thanks guys! I look forward to seeing you on Khyber.
    Since you are playing on Khyber, i might be able to help you out some. Theres a lot of cool named items i sorted out, because i don't use them on my TR'd characters. They still make a huge improvement for first lifers though!
    Also i have rather high crafting levels, so I could actually just forge the stuff you want/need.

    Just hit me up ingame, i normally check Gowenna on a daily basis.

    If you are still on low levels, I might even be able to run with you, since I am about to TR Gowenna into her 4th life

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    Hi, welcome to DDO, OP.

    The forums and the wiki are your two best friends. In particular, I would start with the newbie guide to get acquainted; then perhaps browse tihocan's thread when you're ready to shop for character builds.

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    unbongwah's signature in the post right before this one has some nice new-player friendly builds you might have a look at. I rolled up one of his tempest trapmonkeys and liked it quite a bit.

    My signature has several new-player friendly builds as well. Worth a look for ideas, even if you don't like the actual builds themselves.

    I would avoid taking too many handouts of great gear from veterans. Part of the fun is starting with nothing and slowly building up your power and knowledge.

    Regarding when to buy what, an intro VIP pass for two months or so is fine and not a waste of $, but it's also not required. If you do this, save the 500 TP you get each month for buying adventure packs later.

    My advice for new players is to make a one-time $35 purchase, which alone will let you level from 1 to 25 without hurting for content much if at all:

    Menace of the Underdark Standard Edition: $35

    Comes with 4 adventure packs and 1000 TP, that 1000 TP to be spent on Gianthold. Regular price for Gianthold is 950, but it's a level 13 area so you don't need to buy it until you actually get a character to high enough level to run it. Between now and then, keep an eye out for sales. If you can get Gianthold on sale, so much the better, but if not just buy it for 950 and consider it to be the 5th pack in the standard edition bundle.

    Once you finish running Gianthold and Attack on Stormreach, buy Vale of Twilight. It's 850 TP, and if you're short on TP (even if VERY short) you can earn enough to buy Vale by going to 5 favor (or up to 100 favor) on other servers. There's a guide for this linked in my signature: The 100 Favor Dash. Going to 5 favor on 7 servers (not counting the one you're on) is worth 350 TP all by itself, and 5 favor is pretty darn quick to get.

    The MOTU standard edition -- which comes with Phiarlan Carnival, Attack on Stormreach, Path of Inspiration and Dreaming Dark -- plus buying gianthold and vale of twilight combine to give you plenty of content to level from 1 to 25, as well as an excellent assortment of gear for any build. All for a single $35 purchase.

    Welcome to the game, and enjoy!

    EDIT: Oh yeah, avoid Wayfinder. It only has 10% of the population of any of the other servers.

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