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    Default 4-Man Hjard Shroud

    Lets not focus on the fact that there are people who solo/duo shroud already. Let's not focus on the fact that 2 of our four are completionists and the other two are 6-life legends. Let's move past that.

    Here are come actual cool parts:

    1. No portal keepers in part 1
    2. Part two took us three tries cuz Fawn was taking a nap at the crystal. No big. We prepped em quick.
    3. We SOLVED/WATERED all puzzles before the wall came up and faster than the vast majority of pugs I've run with.
    4. Part 4 was 2.5 rounds. (could have been faster if I'd realized I didn't need to conserve mana and started dotting right away)
    5. Ok Darree died once because his heals are slower than a 98-year-old woman driving a go-cart in a school zone.
    6. We did no practice runs, no real strategizing, just kinda tried it out. We haven't even run as a 4-some b4. Also, I haven't been even playing that toon in the last 2 months.
    7. Finished in under an hour.

    Quite smooth. I don't think anyone drank pots. We wouldn't have needed to.


    Fawngate pure fvs
    Auraes- Juggernaut thing
    Darree- Wanna be favored monk
    Kashil- major gimp clonk

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