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    Default Does Construct Essence (Artificer feat) work with Pale Master undead form?

    Hi all,

    I expect that this quite possibly just doesn't work that way and may be a stupid idea even if it does, but...

    In another thread ( ) from the discussion about arcane spell failure and medium armor I got the idea of a Battle Engineer / Pale Master combination.

    Now, given that artificers can take Construct Essence, does that + undead form allow you to self-heal with artificer's Inflict Damage spells (from the "spontaneous" spell slot)? Because, from what I read in the wiki, it sort of should but...

    And, does the zombie attack speed penalty also affect ranged attacks? ... well, even if it does, artificer 6 / wizard 12 for wraith form...?

    Oh well. Don't have artificer anyway. Yet.
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