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    Question Looking for Guild

    Hey Thelanis,

    I am looking for a medium -> large size guild higher than 54 (my current). I am a regular player, I usually play 4-5 nights a week for 2-3 hrs/night, sometimes a bit more. I will consider small guilds if small does not mean that I'll be the only player logged in for days at a time.

    I have 4-5 Epic level characters, a 2nd life monk lvl 23 and a 2nd life barb lvl 18. Let me know if this sounds appealing



    Phantasya (Monk 20, Epic 3), Muddbutt (Rogue 20, Epic 4), Plenera (Bard 16, Ranger 2, Fighter 2, Epic 4), Afterburner (Monk 20), Mayango (Wizard 20, Epic 3), Carbonadium (Bard 18)

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    Hey. Sent you some details via PM.
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