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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyOphelia View Post
    Treat them like real people; like your neighbors, or your friends, that don't always get everything right. If you avoid making them feel horrible about admitting mistakes, they'll be more likely to admit them; even if it's, "We probably should have done that better, but it's too late now because we don't have the development time to correct it."
    Actually, that's my point. People want them to say this, but it rarely to never happens. If it did, the majority of people would respond with a thanks-for-letting-us-know. There are always malcontents, but the extremes you see in this community today come from a lack of communication.

    Quote Originally Posted by LilyOphelia View Post
    Realize these are human beings making the game.
    Ergo my example of what it would be like to really be around something like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by LilyOphelia View Post
    Basically you want to have this great communication with Turbine,
    I'm not looking for a warm, fuzzy BFF relationship with the developers or community staff, I'd just like more timely and professional communication about what's going on, what's coming up, and why things are changing the way they are.

    All in all, I'm just trying to explain why things have gotten so toxic around here and why the communication we are now getting isn't being received as the great fix... we get some communication before a paid expansion then back to silence.
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    You do see the odd personal attack on the turbine employees or the company itself but that is far outweighed by the attacks of players on other players especially those who dare to criticize turbine in any way. Positive and negative feedback is equally valuable yes some people take it too far but its amusing to see some people appoint themselves as turbines *white knights*.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaviusMaximus View Post
    That is a condescending statement, and frankly, mature adults know how to communicate without being insulting or ridiculous. This fact alone makes me believe that after posting a statement like the one above, you may not be qualified to speak on the "adult world".

    The bottom line is that player input is necessary, and nobody is arguing that, but the original poster is 100% right that this community is filled with wretched, negative, and frankly, moronic people, who do not know how to give suggestions in a constructive, intelligent, or calm way.

    Well I'm not sure the OP said all that, but I sure am.
    You cherry picked that out to complain about? In a thread about a game we once loved, that is now falling down around our ears due to poor mangement? I think i's clear we have differing views on the world, which I am comfortable with but you may not be. If you think that angry customers complaining about mistreatment, are somehow miscreants or unsavory delinquent rabble to be dismissed out of hand, then the corporations have already won. Actually, they already won a long time ago anyway, but that's beside the point I'm trying to make here.

    If you really think that any other process besides profit algebra governs the decisions being made in DDO both now and in the recent past, perhaps that statement you quoted applies to you as well. What's going on in DDO(the industry as a whole) right now, is about how far from the original concept of social gaming its owners can stray from, towards being really shiny interactive slot machines with a treadmill attached to the bottom. What we are seeing is the video 'gaming' industry as we have known it, being taken over by and steered down the path of the traditional 'gaming' industry, with a focus on making profits from monetizing addiction rather than providing an enjoyable, quality experience.

    I don't mind things like cosmetics and harmless personalisation that feeds off peoples narcisisstic tendancies, I think that's the best way to fuel these types of games, but when it gets as cynical and blatantly not only pay to win, but pay to stay relevant as it has become, then it's time to get angry and call a spade a spade. That also means educating some of the more naive posters who may be contributing to the whole cycle by throwing Turbine a sympathy bone. All they are doing is encouraging it and providing a pretext for more of the same, especially the one's who come out waving their white flags, willing to accept a slightly watered down version of the same slop Turbine are peddling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaviusMaximus View Post
    Your trolling bores me.

    If nobody is listening to you, it may not be because of "fanbois"...
    Clearly you need to take your own advice.

    Hilarious Princess....Sorry your life is so medicore after all this time..Lol, you are scared of a farmer? with a tractor....?

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