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    Default Just a few questions......

    Ok to get started im a noob I never played the tabletop D&D games nor did I ever really get into any of the games that are even related to D&D so I have no idea what im doing. Now that that is out of the way I will start. Ok I made an artificer avatar and even did a custom build start up... now for some reason when I hit lvl 2 I didnt get the rune arm feat like some people mentioned (the wiki) and I didnt get to choose any feats for that lvl which is why I made a custom build.... I also have no idea what armor class means or any of that other stuff for that matter...but that doesnt mean I dont want to play the game I am really fascinated by this game as well as game like the neverwinter nights series but I got scared off because of the same reason as here. I cant find any help online so... im hoping I posted this in the right place and that some one will help me out. If someone on here can basically give mean a few pointers on what any of that stuff is Id be grateful. Thanks in advance and sorry for horrible grammar and such.

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    Every character get feats from the "main" list at character level 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 & 24, then depending on your character class you may get bonus feats from a specific, more limited list -for atificers they're at class level 4, 8, 12, 16, 20

    The rune arm use feat is granted automatically to all artificers, so if you look at the character sheet it'll be there, there was no need to select it.

    For other general information, one of the best places to look is
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    OP, did you reach level two or just rank two? Levels are divided into ranks, five per level. Level one is ranks one through five. You need to reach rank six to actually have enough Experience to reach second level.

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    OK here's a few general pointers for a newbie DDO player:

    AC is your "physical defense rating". The higher it is, the harder it is for enemies to hit you. You improve your AC by wearing better armor (unless you're WF, which I'm guessing you're probably not since that's a Premium race), by using shields (which, of course, Artis do not), and by stacking various types of bonuses (Natural Armor, Deflection, Shield, Dodge, Protection, Insight, etc.) from spells and magical equipment effects. Only the highest bonus of each type applies, like-typed bonuses do not stack.

    You can open your character panel ("C") and hover over your AC rating to get an approximation of how much it's negating non-magical enemy attacks. However, not every class is as "defensive-minded", meaning some classes never achieve good ACs.

    Magical attacks are warded by Resistance, which are the 5 Elemental types at the bottom of your character panel. 30 is usually the most you can get in any one element, and Artis do get a spell to boost their resistances to 30. Physical Resistance Rating reduces your Physical damage, but its a lot harder to raise.

    Spell effects can also be negated by making the corresponding Save. Your Save values are also listed on the character panel, and higher is better, just like with AC and Resistances. You raise your Saves with better stats (WIS, CON, and DEX), and by gear/spells that give you a typed bonus to Saves, just like with AC.

    Basically, there's two attack types: magic and physical. Physical attacks have a % chance to fail entirely based on AC, and any successful attack is reduced by your Physical Resistance. Magical attacks (most of them, anyway) have a % chance to fail entirely based on your Save, and any successful (damage-dealing) magical attack is reduced by your Resistance in the corresponding element.

    Also, some advice for an Arti: you'll have a tough time as a newbie Arti, unless you're willing to spend money on VIP or to buy content packs. There are very few runearms available that don't require purchased content, so you might be stuck using a L2 runearm all the way to 20 That being said, I made it to 20 on my first character as an Arti using a L2 runearm the whole way, its just a lot gimpier

    The trick is to get a nice repeating crossbow (assuming you're not a melee arti). Find someone to make you a Screaming RXB of Bleed for starters, that'll go a long way. You can also convert Handwraps to a Pet Collar, so keep your eye on the AH for a nice set of Handwraps to equip your dog with.

    Focus on INT, as that will increase the power of your spells, as well as increase your crossbow damage once you get L3 spells and can cast Insightful Damage.

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