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    Question Possibility of TR'ing INTO Bladeforged

    I know my search-fu isn't anywhere close to par, but i keep finding the same question about true reincarnating an iconic hero, but nothing regarding TR'ing INTO an iconic hero (starting @ lv 1 ofc). I looked around because i wanted to tr my sorc into an iconic (2 pally lv's and +2 cha pretty awesome, right?) but was unable to select the iconic hero option at the reincarnation screen.

    Does anyone know if this is WAI? If so, have the devs said anything regarding when this will change? Is it assumed this will be changed at the same time that iconic heroes may TR?

    Thanks in advance.
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    At present, you cannot TR out of nor into Bladeforged. This may change after Shadowfell comes out, but AFAIK there's been no official timeline on when (or if) that's happening.
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    Latest (?) info:

    Quote Originally Posted by Glin View Post
    Later this year (targeting Update 20) we look forward to introducing two new TR destinations, Epic Destiny True Reincarnation and Iconic True Reincarnation.


    Iconic True Reincarnation

    That’s right; Iconics will have their own form of True Reincarnation, earning their own unique set of past-life feats. You will also be able to TR from any character into an Iconic, which begins at level 15, like normal. Epic Advantage also works on both ends, as well, transferring ED XP earned in your Iconic life, and, if you TR into an Iconic, adding XP on top of your level 15 starting XP.Can be taken at Level Cap (Level 28 with Shadowfell Conspiracy)

    • Grants an Iconic Past Life Feat that can stack up to 3x
    • Adds 2 build points up a 36 point build
    • Earns ranks from Epic Advantage

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