I am sick of having a finished post go poof when the forum thinks I need to relog after 5 minutes and for some reason the back button brings me back to a blank reply (happens every time on my phone). I see "autosave" every minute what I don't see is a function that allows me to restore from that autosave when this fly covered festering pile works as intended and demands I relog. (re-log how fitting is that)

You have people using Java bookmarklets to get around the absolutely ape brained lack of remember me... compounded by the truly astounding intentional 5 minute log out. No news, no answers, no posts about "we're working on this" and who would believe you actually have qualified professionals working on this mess anyway? It's not gotten better since day 1 except for a very brief period where auto logouts where 10 minutes apart instead of 5...

Never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity... Well stupidity would have fixed this ess a few weeks after it was excreted, interns could do a better job than this in a shorter time frame.

Can we get an admission that you guys want the forum to work like some sort of punitive Dante-esque nightmare parody of a real forum?