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    Question Spell Power thru Multiclassing

    is it possible to create a non-gimp build that has spell power significantly higher than normal thru multi-classing? As soon as you start multi-classing, it seems like your starting to lose the nigher end spells in the class. I know that some of the classes have spell power that can overlap with other classes? Does a 6 bard/6 druid/ 8 wizard seem non-gimp?

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    Total chance of getting into normal shroud approaches ZERO without destinies.
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    Multiclassing in order to pick up a spell line that is unavailable to your class can work quite well, such as Clerics picking up one level of Wizard for the 40 points of Force Spell Power and the bonus Metamagic Feat. However, if your class already has the Spell Power lines that you want, you get no real advantage.

    Also, all of this is subject to change very soon when the Enhancement Trees remove all Spell Power Enhancements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ermin_Sivarch View Post
    Does a 6 bard/6 druid/ 8 wizard seem non-gimp?
    Seems total gimp.

    Lets say you do that, you'd have more spwr but you'd be losing caster levels on your spells so that even your low level no save spells won't be hitting that hard. My understanding and I may be wrong is that you get your spell damage rolls and essentially the spwr makes it go (base spell damage)*(1+(spwr/100))=total damage

    Lets assume the best possible rolls

    scorching ray is 4d3+12 per ray so 24 damage base per ray

    so a level 25 pure wiz could do 3 rays


    your build with the same 120 spwr fire stick would have at most

    70 fire wiz enhancments
    35 druid
    (assuming they even stack which honestly I'm not sure on but to give you the best possible outcome we'll say they do)


    So you'd be trading down on damage even though your spwr went up by 5 points.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ermin_Sivarch View Post
    is it possible to create a non-gimp build that has spell power significantly higher than normal thru multi-classing?

    This is because how casting works D&D-system.
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    The bard levels mean that the only spell power he could be trying to maximize is sonic. As Bard Positive/Sonic does not boost Electric like Wiz and Druid Electric/Sonic lines do (at least it didn't seem to when I tried it) And anyway if he was going for electric, he'd take Sorc for some Air Savant.

    Yes Bard/Druid/Wiz spell power and crit lines all stack. Not sure what the OP is trying to max out, as the only thing they have in common as I said is sonic and positive. So maybe they were thinking Greater shout and Sonic blast AOE's + shiradi procs?

    I have a 16 bard 3 wiz 1 druid, with 291 sonic spellpower and 25% crit chance, add max and empower and Greater shout packed a wallop, Sonic Blast even gets meaty relative to being such a low level spell (saw some 500 point crits) and ends up being a nice super fast CC with a huge AOE (usually everything in the room) to let you get a mind fog off, followed by a will based CC like dance ball, a daze or two kept them still while the slower casting animations got most of the way through... Alas it was a fun experiment and made the bard feel like a swiss army knife that has a real combat blade on it, but the enhancement pass will ruin all the fun of this character.

    Ultimately no matter what clever twist you had in mind the Enhancement pass is going to take away most of the reason to do it, no spell crit lines any more, and what spell power is available will be small amounts tied to a huge investment in PrE's that you wont be able to max out more than 1 of and partially pump up a second.

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