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    Wink Looking for a guild

    Hilstan, lvl 5 paladin is looking for a guild =)

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    It would be helpful if you included a few details about your play style etc. Are you a new player that likes to move slow through quests or a jaded veteran that zergs everything or something in between. What kind of guild are you looking for: big, small, raiding, rpg? And what time zone, how often do you play?

    This information will allow people to offer suggestions on which guilds may be a good fit for you.
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    Ok, I used to play the game something like 2 years ago and decided to come back... Not a total noobie but need some time to remember where the quests are hehe

    timezone is gmt-3, will be playing mostly from 8pm to 12pm

    dont mind zerging and would be cool to join a big one (players online at a wide range of lvl most of time)

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    Default StuffKillers!

    StuffKillers Accepts All players!
    Have Headphones and a little bit of a brain.
    Shoot me a message here or ingame(Daestroyer)
    check us out on fb:
    Hope to see ya.

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    Hey - Good to see you, and welcome back to DDO!

    Monarch is just starting out; we have a hand full of active players some new to the game, and some vets. We are very new player friendly. If you are interested in joining up with some good folks that are either learning or re-learning the game, you are more than welcome to take a look at our site and see if it something that peeks your interest. If not, then you are still invited to sign up for the forum - we're also putting together an interactive forum mentoring program that maybe of benefit to you.

    Either way, glad to see people like yourself returning to the game!

    Monarch Web Site


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