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    Default Fun Builds- Suggestions?

    I'm about to go on a completionist train with my main. I've only done a cleric and monk life. I know I'll get bored if I just play generic builds. I really want to have fun with it, and explore some different aspects of the game. So....I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for some fun builds I can try.

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    Wildly guessing, having no idea what you'd consider "fun", but I enjoyed running a Big Stick rogue. It's been dented a bit since it's first conception, but the size of the thread here should tell you it's been popular.
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    That looks very interesting! I consider anything that's not a typical build fun, because that's what I've mostly played. 20 cleric healbot, a clonk, and then a high wisdom monk.

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    The most fun I've had playing someone elses build was a build by Thanimal called the Quad H build. It's 12 Fighter/ 7 monk / 1 Wizard. Through halfling Dmarks it has more healing than I've ever found a use for. I've recommended it before and I'll keep on recommending it.

    ****, tried to cut and paste the link but for some reason my phone's not letting me do it. Just search posts started by Thanimal and you should find it easily. When I go on my desktop later I'll post the link (if I remember that is XD).

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    Default Where to Begin?

    Fun Builds >>> Min-Max Builds for several reasons, one being that the fun builds are going to be more... fun.

    Here are a few Ideas I can think of:

    Fighter: 12 Fighter/7 rogue/1 Monk: Unarmed (use monk PL), double stuns, traps, evasion, etc. swap rogue and monk for better healing amp and second tier stances.

    Barbarian: 18 Barbarian/2 Rogue: TWF, evasion, traps (don't skimp on int). Make it dwarf and you can dual D-axes

    Paladin: 18 paladin/2 rogue: twf, Evasion, traps (don't skimp on int), same as the barb really, but higher saves.
    Paladin B: 12 paladin/7 monk/1 rogue (Solar Phoenix). swap rogue for artificer if you want the puppy. can fit trap skills if you have 14 int.

    Monk: pure is lovely, but monkers are supposed to be pretty good (so I hear)

    Cleric: Clonks look fun. I had a Dwarf 18 cleric/2 paladin for favor farming that was lovely (low wis, high cha, lots of burst heals, high saves).

    I have a "do-it-all" cleric build that I have yet to test, but it needs a wizard life.
    stats are thin, and I HAVE NOT TESTED IT YET. should be fun for extra cleric lives though.

    Favored Soul: Pure can be fun for casting, 2 monk can be good for extra feats and evasion. I had a dwarf FVS with 2 paladin levels and 2 monk levels. Dual wielding D-Axes, high saves, evasion, strong healing, but no wings. I love him anyways though. (look for golden roach)

    Wizard: Pure is great, splash 2 fighter (the first w/e, the second at 20 to take GTHF or GTWF) for a melee wiz (WF Archmage spec'd for transmutation and Conjuration (cleric life helps here). 2 Monk levels gives 2 feats (toughness x2) and evasion. you could go 18/2 wiz/monk pale master for a melee unarmed undead thing. 2 Rogue for traps and evasion (very fun).

    Sorcerer: pure seems most powerful, 18/2 sorcerer/paladin is great I hear for epic levels (saves apparently more important than the extra spells/sp/etc.) there is a 16/2/2 Sorcerer/Paladin/Monk(or rogue) melee WF build that looks fun.

    Druid: Pure looks fun, I made a very weird druid with some advice from a friend (17 druid/2 monk/1 artificer, traps, casting, evasion, etc. 18 druid/2 rogue provides extra spells, but a few fewer sp)

    Ranger: I've never played Pure, but I love my 18 ranger/1 wizard/1 rogue WF Arcane archer. I'd recommend 1 monk + 1 artificer instead for the same effect, but monk stances (wiz/arti level bypasses mental toughness requirement, rogue/arti level provides traps, monk/wizard provides a bonus feat [extend, or zen archery])

    Bard: Never played, but I want to. planning to get a few wizard, sorcerer, favored soul, and cleric lives in to make a 17 bard/2 rogue/1 wizard bard caster, but I've seen some people playing 16 bard/2 fighter/2 rogue for traps, melee, and some song buffs.

    Rogue: 13 rogue/6 monk/1 druid makes a nice Stick Build (thought the Big F'n Stick guide is the place to look for more details) I've considered doing a 19 rogue/1 monk at some point (unarmed strikes, 19 rogue gives 4 rogue feats, and the bonus feat is nice. this goes the assassin route, and would do well with a focus on int with a strong str, dex, and con for twf, hp, and to hit/damage.)

    Artificer: There are so many Juggernaut builds lately it would be terrible not to mention them. add 6 rogue and the mechanic prestige for more ranged dps (int focused with decent dex). Pure artificer works well I'm told for strong blade barriers, etc.

    I've been trying to make a Spellblade build (need a little more favor for vet status 2 to test it) but the idea is 18 artificer/2 monk. I need to test this, but the idea is to cast insightful strikes on a dwarven axe, swap to a second dwarven axe and repeat, then dual wield the axes. if this works, then the build would be int focused with a decent str for attack. if this fails, then it would be focused on str. the 2 monk levels shouldn't hinder casting too much, so it could melee, cast blade barrier (WF for self healing), and enhance the axes for more damage. I'd use the 4th level artificer feat for Dwarven axe proficiency, but Bastard Swords could be used if preferred. use the other artificer feats for ranged damage if you want to have a stronger ranged option, or metamagic feats for a better blade barrier at high levels.


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