So I'm coming back from a bit of a hiatus, and I built a new computer, wonderful rig too, which will be listed below. When I first installed DDO again, the opening cinema was super laggy, and whenever I clicked, it minimized the video. It was still playing, could hear the music and voice, and when I would click it's icon on the task bar, it would full screen again.

I figured maybe the opening cinema was just bugged, so I decided to go into the games userpreferences.ini in the documents folder and set the opening cinema to false.

Upon reaching character select screen, the same thing occurred, no matter where I clicked, the game auto minimized. So I closed the game again (I'm closing by right clicking on it's icon on the task bar and clicking close, by the way), and go back into the userpreferences, and turn full screen off, running it in windowed instead. This works, so I can log into the game and play.

But I'm confused, is fullscreen mode broken or is there an option I'm missing to fix it?

Thanks in advance for your assistance! My rig is listed below.

i7-3770 @ 4.3GHz
2x8GB of DDR3-1600MHz ram @ 9-9-9-25
nvidia Geforce GTX 660Ti
256GB SSD for OS
1TB drive for everything else
Running windows 7 ultimate 64bit