I do not begrudge a company to making a profit, but when quality of a product takes second seat to profits we all loose. Warner Brothers bought Turbine and the most unique MMO on the internet is slowly going down the tubes. There will be those so in love with DDO they will be blind to the signs of a failing game. Turbine came up with a profitable free to play system that brought new players to the game, and with more players it is more easy to form groups and less waiting around for groups to fill, a win win for all.

Now we have a new augment system, there are pros and cons as with all changes, but the change is so blatantly profit motivated it is sad and disgusting. Last year I bought a 650tp armor kit for an epic armor I had, now if I want to change the augment in that armor I need to upgrade it loosing my armor kit and have to buy it again if I still want it. Just the fact that they come out with well over 100 different augments and no way to store them shows just how poorly the new augment system was thought through. I grant you that augment bags were released after the players complained, but really should the players need to complain when it is undoubtedly going to fill a limited banking system with so many varieties. I bought the huge augment bag which is not big enough to hold all the different augments, but once again the bags themselves are poorly thought out. The bags are the same color used for taps and do not have a search system like ingredients bags or a sort like the collectables bags. Hey Warner Brothers you really want my money, stop thinking about profits first and start thinking more about the game and I will pay.