Not really understanding Epic Destinies and not really getting a firm grasp on how I wanted to play my lvl 20 Druid I took Primal Avatar.

Of course now that I am 10 points in and lvl 21 I am wishing I took Grandmaster Flowers as it gives some really nice melee abilities / bonuses and you can still increase your wisdom stat.

For now I do have cacoon, but the rest of Primal for my style of play - is well "meh".

So looking at the Tree Map and if I read it correctly I have to:

3 levels to "get over to" Shiradi Champion then
4 levels to "get over to" Legendary Dreadnaught then
3 levels to "get over to" Grandmaster Flowers.

Can I buy anything in the DDO store to make my journy faster / easier?

I'm not that far off from Shiradi - get there and then take LD and then can I immediately buy a key of destiny and then start training in Grandmaster Flowers and start twisting Cacoon?