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    Globe of True Imperial Blood
    EE Helm of the Blue Dragon +3 CHA
    Seal of House Avithoul +7 DEX
    EE Dream Visor
    EE Manacless of Ceaseless Toil
    EE Mantle of the Dragonfriend x2
    EE Intricate Field Optics +3 WIS x2
    EH Bulwark of the Storm's Fist
    EE Skyvault Shield x5
    EE Greataxe of the Chained Soldier x3
    EE Hammer of the Leaden Cloiuds x2
    EE Giantcraft Siberys Compass x4
    EE Chill of Winter x2
    EE The Thurmoil Within x2
    EE Copper Ingot Arcanum x3
    EE Bronze Ingot Arcanum
    EE Allegiance x4
    EE Shamanic Fetish
    EE Gloves of the Forgotten Craft
    EE Adamantine Knuckles
    EH Axe of Adaxus
    Duregar Dwarven Axe (Maiming and Tendon Slice)
    30% Heal Amp, 13 Heal Bracers x2
    20% Heal Amp, 15 Heal Bracers x2
    10% Heal Amp, 13 Heal Bracers
    10% Heal Amp of Superior Parrying Bracers
    +2 CON Augument
    Pale Green Ioun Stone (+5% XP, +40 Vitality) x3


    Otto's Box
    TP codes

    You can PM me on forum or in game.

    IGN: Shaataan, Shataan, Shataman, Shatatatan
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