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    Default Can't buy Turbine Points

    Good morning. I'm trying to buy 15,750 turbine points using the same credit card I used to buy the expansion (1 week ago) with no success. I put the same cc info in the game and it just doesn't work.
    I tried with another credit card with no success too.
    I'm sad because in 4 days the Double Points are gone and I don't want to lose it.
    I sent a ticket but it seems turbine doesn't like money.

    Tried with my actual zip code, tried with four 0, with six 0, with one 0.
    Tried splitting the address. Tried like 40 times with no success (on both credit cards)

    Tried on myaccounturbine website. Tried ingame. Called my bank and there is fund there and there is no issue with my credit card, also the bank didn't receive a "buying" attempt, so there is no problem with the bank and my 2 credit cards. And yes I goggled and read the FAQ regarding credit card issues. The only thing I haven't tried is to throw my mom against a truck, so, please help! (poor mom, she is miles away from me)

    The error >> The system was unable to update your billing information. Please verify your billing information and try again later. If you continue to experience this error, you may wish to try another credit card or contact your issuing bank. To request further assistance, please visit
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