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    Default Craftable Augments

    I'd love to see the ability to craft onto augments. Initial implementation could be something like:

    Any augment can be disjuncted for crafting. This reset its AML to 1.

    Regular crafting shards can be added onto disjuncted augments just like they currently can be added to disjuncted gear. Just like gear, slotting applies. (Stat bonuses can go on any color, heavy fort goes on blue/green/purple, Melee Alacrity doesn't go on any color, etc...) Flexible shards add nothing; you can't put flexible fortification on a yellow, for example.

    Potential is still required, but doesn't apply AML characteristics. Those get auto-applied by the augment type. So, for example, crafting heavy fort on any random disjuncted blue makes it AML8.

    EDIT: Unlike regular crafting, there is no prefix/suffix setup. Augments would only take a single shard at a time. Either a prefix or a suffix, but not both.

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    This would be full of awesome sauce!


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