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    Quote Originally Posted by khaeldar View Post
    The Satyr-like creature actually can be a Ghour, a very nasty Demon....maybe , maybe not.....
    Hmm pawn flute, bow, quiver and hanging out with dryads fits the Satyr stereotype pretty well i think.
    Looks pretty good too, although i'll have to agree about the face looking odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ovrad View Post
    Hmm harpies, nice. Some derpy looking Satyr (same guy that worked on half-elves?). ... and what is this woman doing on the left?! Is her wrist broken? O.o
    I actually think the Satyr looks pretty cool. That's a nasty looking snarl he's got going there.

    As far as Harpies and clothes.... its just what we have to expect to keep the game in the "T" rating range. Unfortunate, but not unexpected. Nice job with the graphics though.

    The thing that jumped out to me was the Gnoll. How crappy does the Gnoll look when compared to the newer graphics?
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    Default Satyrs

    Quote Originally Posted by xMund View Post
    Probably these guys
    I always thought Satyrs were supposed to be sheksy - this guy in the screenshot just looks, well, how can I put this? He looks like he's learning "at his own pace"

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    Very happy to see the Harpies!

    My main character is named after the Father of the Harpy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Click here to see our latest batch of screenshots from the Shadowfell Conspiracy!
    Thank you for taking the time to make these,
    it is obvious you care about the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satyriasys View Post
    sigh, I was afraid you would put clothes on the Harpies.
    I like most of the pictures but I agree that the harpies look strange. First of all a little bit anorexic and a bizarre love for colored clothes? If you fear that you show too much maybe cover them more with feathers.
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    Default screw the screen shots, show us the bugs

    screw the screen shots, show us the bugs, so we can see how much gets release anyway

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    Those look beautiful. Looks like we will be adding satyrs and harpies to the mix. That seems interesting. The art looks fantastic.

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