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    Default Ellihor's Trade List

    Looking for:
    TP codes
    Xp stone (or full box with stone)



    Giantcraft Syberis Compass
    Bulwark of the Sotrms Fist x2
    Mantle of the Dragonfield
    Adamantine Knuckles
    Black Dragon Helm str 3
    Black Dragon Helm dex 3
    Jorgundals Collar x2
    The Mountains Fists
    Hammer of Leaden Clouds
    Silver Ingot Arcanum
    Arcing Sky
    Magistrades Scepter
    Skullduggery Kit seeker X
    Ghost-Waking Cloak
    Belt of Seven Ideals
    Treads of Falling Shadows
    Dream Visor
    Quiver of Poison


    Seal of House Dun'robar stun 10
    Seal of House Dun'robar ECM 5
    Seal of House Dun'Robar Tendon Slice 10
    +4 tome of str
    +4 tome of wis
    +3 tome of con
    +3 tome of dex
    +3 tome of int
    Ogre Power +8 Bracers of Superior Parrying
    Grave Wrappings
    Alchemical Greataxe
    Alchemical Khopesh
    Drow Khopesh vertigo 10
    Many medium/large slot items (these go for xp stone only)

    Send in game tell or mail to Ellihor, Netherese or Katriksus.
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