Do you solo a lot because groups always slow you down?

Do you sneer when people die because they got separated from the party and didn't bring any way to heal themselves?

Do you have every feat, enhancement, and skill point to level cap mapped out on paper before you have clicked the first ability point '+' in character creation?

If so, the Brotherhood of BYOH may be for you.

Formed back in June 2010, Thanimal and I realized that we rarely played with others because we often would get interrupted -- and leaving a PuG mid-quest is just rude. On the flip side, we'd enjoy duo'ing with each other all the time. All of our characters were highly tuned and self-sufficient, so if someone needed to drop mid-quest, it was no big deal. The other person could always finish solo if needed.

So, we set up a guild based around these principles. A player needs to pass a soloing bar to get in, to ensure that we've got folks that can carry their own weight when abandoned.

Three years later, the guild size has ebbed and flowed in a small-to-medium size; between 10 and 25 active players. It's been closer to 10 for a while now, though, so I decided it's time to get recruiting again.

Membership can have it's benefits. While we're not all 'hardcore' players, we're all self-sufficient. The guild level is 64, so we've got the amenities up through a full set of +2 shrines covered. There is very little expected; dont' get in each other's way, don't be a jerk in guild chat, and every once in a while when schedules line up, pull off an awesome 3-man raid run.

Here's a link to our general guild charter, guidelines, and the 'entry exam'. As always, if interested, PM a screenshot of your qualifying run to cforce, and expect an invite in the mail!