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    Default Looking for Roleplaying Guild, Any Server, preferably Thelanis

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to put myself out there for a roleplaying guild. I've just come back to the game recently and wanted to roleplay, but couldn't find it easily. Thanks for your time.

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    I myself recently returned after a long absence, so my info may not be up-to-the-minute, but if you've not found yourself a home by now (saw the post date), I may be able to point you in a...hopefully...right direction.

    There's a guild on Thelanis called Open Palm Adventures. I remember them from when I played before. Sometimes I'd see a couple or a few of them hanging out in the Open Palm Inn (House Jorasco) roleplaying, and it was intriguing enough that at times I'd sit and watch the RP chat a while.

    I know the guild is still around, I see members around the public areas from time to time. Don't know if they're currently recruiting either, but, it may be worth a shot to contact a member and find out.
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    Roleplayers of Sarlona is the best bet.

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    Default Open Palm Adventures

    As said above, Open Palm Adventures is still around DDO, even after our collapse over a year ago. We are a very small guild, with only a handful of members, and therefore, are looking to recruiting anyone interested into the guild and let the adventures take hold! Thelanis is mostly dead in its RP community, but if you are here and looking for an RP guild, we're the best bet from what I have observed. LFMs recruiting for OPA are going to be introduced onward.

    If you wish to make contact with the guild, locate or mail to Shrithrae(myself), or Webshadow(my officer).


    Shrithrae, Leader of OPA.

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    Fellowship of the Golden Night on Thelanis is fairly active by the looks of it.. If Thelanis is the server you are on. Open Palm Adventures is a good option as well.. Good luck finding a guild! Happy roleplaying.

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