Our static group has an open slot. We play Sunday night from 7 - 10 pm EST and Thursday night from 8 - 10PM EST.

There are not a lot of rules. No twinking - no ddo store - no transfers from other toons. No ship buffs, no hirelings. You can use the AH as long as it is with PP from the questing. You can sell on the AH as long as it items from our questing. Basically we are self reliant.

Currently the group make up is:

7th Fighter - Half Orc
7th Cleric - Human
6th Bard / 1st Rogue - Human
7th Ranger - Elf
7th Wizard - Human

Any class or race is welcome. (Be aware - group has limited abilities to heal Warforged characters)

If you are interested please reply to this thread.