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    Default The return of Fawnraid

    Hello Khyberians!

    Fawngate is finally done with her many, many, many lives and wants to
    join her friends in some fun loving raids.

    First our clock:
    This show eastern standard USA time.
    {Google another if you please}

    This allows us to coordinate meeting times.

    Our basic meeting times will be
    Wednesday at 8 pm est.
    Sun at Noon est.

    These raids are designed to teach and have fun.
    Therefore they are done at lower difficulty than normal.
    They might be completed slower than a loot run.
    There may be mistakes made; but we will not get upset
    when that happens.

    It is an opportunity for those who don't have access to power channels and guilds,
    to learn the raids so that they feel comfortable leading raids or at least joining
    those "Know it / be uber" type of LFMs.

    The channel Fawn uses is /joinchannel Fawnraid Mactimmy
    Everytime you TR, all your channels are erased, so it has been awhile since she joined it.
    If that channel is blocked out, we will create a new one.

    We will be focusing on some of the "newer" raids such as
    Lord of Blades
    Caught in the Web
    Fall of Truth
    Master Artificer

    As well as revisting some of the older raids such as
    Vision of Destruction
    ToD (Fawn still needs flagging on that one)
    Demon Queen
    Von 5 and 6

    Obviously we cannot cover all of them each time.
    If you have a preference, be politely bold and say so.
    Fawn herself wants to do Lord of Blades and upgrade her shield for radiant lore.

    You can join/leave in progress after each raid is finished.
    Those currently in the raid group will not be asked to leave.
    {Unless you deserve to be booted for being unkind to others.}

    I will try to leave a sign up sheet for each Wednesday and Sunday posted below here.
    Those on the list will get priority to be worked into the group.
    Sympathy in advance if the group is full.

    Rules (which we all hate to create or enforce but it makes things go smoother)

    Conduct ~ G rated ; play nice ; Fawn has sensitive ears so no dirty jokes or foul language.

    Loot ~ your loot is your loot to do with as you please; however we want to avoid loot
    auctions (trading bound loot for unbound loot); trading bound loot for bound loot is fine

    Rolling on items ~ please no rolling on an item that you don't intend to pull from the chest;
    please use various d?? numbers to distinguish your loot up for roll from others.
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