This is a forum conversion of favourite beat'em up games like Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

You start a thread and team up with a buddy for support. It doesn't matter what it's about but it must be in some way trying to be helpful wtr trying to improve the game, finding solutions to game difficulties or even putting some real nice ideas on the table for future content.

Then you have to defend your thread *to the death* against a rival tagteam of evil smegheads who try to de-rail it by being as negative and hypercritical as possible, usually with arguments that are completely uncultured and clueless or even with no arguments at all.

If you manage to win the day you get HERO points. Conversely if you can scumbag a thread into extinction you get DOOM points. How these points are used will have to remain shrouded in mystery for the moment but rumours abound of people using them for such fantastic things as [force_developer_forum_activity] and [lol_thread_annihilate] for instance.

Coming soon!