First off, if you are NOT a smoker, this thread will be of no interest to you.

I just wanted to comment about how annoying it is to go afk for a smoke or NOT being able to get that nicotine fix in the middle of an intense raid! Anyone who smokes knows what I mean. But hubby and I have switched to e-cigs a few months back and absolutely don't regret it, at all!

I did a ton of research on them and we first tried the kind that you have to fill up with the juice. But then we ordered Green Smokes and they are perfect! As close as you can get to the real thing, without all the harmful chemicals and tar, no juice to refill, our orders come on time, every time, and at the equivalent of $2 a pack we're saving over $400 a month (smokes here cost $10 a pack!). In these tough economic times, that's significant and frees up room to buy goodies like +4 tomes and XP stones when they are on sale.

I highly encourage any DDO'er who smokes to give e-cigs a try. Do your own research on the brands but if you'd like to try the Green Smokes, here is the link: Green Smokes.