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You suggest that a character lose only the exp in a chosen destiny. However, it does not change the fact that in order for a character to get the Epic Destiny feat for each of the destinies, he/she has to start over and earn the exp for each destiny. This is where I think most people take umbrage with what is currently on the table.
It's not a concern I've saw from the original thread discussing all of the options. Only losing a single destiny is the most generous option that's been proposed. Expecting to simply retain all of your currently capped destinies but somehow receive 11 Epic Destiny Past Life feats without any additional effort isn't an option. I'm sceptical that Turbine will go for the single-ED-loss option, and am prepared to deal with a complete wipe if that's what happens. But it's still the most generous realistic possibility on the table.

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What is being offered is something that will strip away the equity I have earned and invested money to build. No matter how one slices it, it is really bad form on behalf of Turbine. The pessimist in me sees this as a means of enticing those of us who bought all the Otto's boxes, to buy more and more of the things in order to TR repeatedly, all over again, and lock every destiny. I do not mind spending money on the game, but, I do mind when the gains from my financial investment are negated. I also mind it when the time I have invested is made worthless.
I don't have a particularly high regard for stoners, but that's a personal opinion and you're perfectly entitled to purchase and make use of any legitimate feature that Turbine bring out, and like it or not the XP Stones were part of that. But you're equating any potential loss of your ED experience as negating the money that you spent. It sounds as if you have purchased multiple boxes to try and short-cut the path to Completionist, but you have picked up a past life feat each time and taken a step closer to completionist. Picking up some easy Epic Destiny XP along the way is just good sense, and this is exactly what I did. If they wiped your past life feats from you then you might have a point here, but trying to combine the two makes no sense.

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Take for example, completionists: What happens when a new class is introduced to the game? Currently, completionist characters lose the benefits of the completionist feat, until they TR two more times to earn the past life for the new class.
That's not how Completionist works. Once you have the Feat you keep the Feat even when other classes come out. It's not an automatic disable as the description would have you believe. All that happens is that IF you TR and a new class is available which you do not have the Past Life Feat for, then you will find when you get to level 3 that the Completionist Feat is no longer an option to you because you no longer qualify for it. So it's not an auto-wipe.

I've also got a side bet going that the new Iconic Past Life Feats will not be a requirement for the Completionist Feat because they're not true "Classes". If it turns out that I'm wrong, then that just means that my next 4 lives will be to cycle through the Iconics first, picking up Iconic Past Life Feats and Epic Destiny Past Life Feats in the process.

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I want to believe that this was an oversight on behalf of the developers. If it is, then I would hope that Turbine implements the new ED system in a way that automatically grants a lock to every ED that a character has capped. Anything less than that is insufficient, because anything less is tantamount to destroying the equity that we players have established in our characters.
If you mean unlocking any capped ED so that you can freely select them to spend points on when you Epic TR (assuming Turbine press on with a full wipe of unbonded ED's) then I'm 100% in favour. If you mean that just because I have all destinies capped right now that I should automatically get 11 ED Past Life Feats and the Epic Completionist when this goes live then I'm 100% against it.

At the end of the day, choosing to spend money to accelerate your progress through a life is your choice (or skip from 8 to 18 in the case of using an XP stone with a full set of XP boosts running). Equally, deciding that you want the benefits of Epic TRing will also be your choice. If you choose to do one to help you achieve the other, that's also your choice. You're also free to just ignore the whole Epic TR option and just have fun with your Completionist with maxed out Destinies and hope that things change further down the line.

The one thing that you don't mention is Turbine's proposal to wipe your ED XP on a Heroic TR. That for me has to be a no-go. We must keep the option for characters to Heroic TR and continue to gain their Past Life Feats with an option to do some work on their Epic Destinies each life without any loss of ED XP. Whatever option Turbine go forward with, it should only be Epic TRing that would affect your ED XP.