Turbine, I think perhaps it is time we revisited this issue. As the discussion on the new Epic TR system has got me to thinking about this.

One of the main issues people have with Epic Destinies as they exist is having to spend a lot of time in "useless" or "boring" destinies just to get to the destiny they really want to play in. Now I think it is just wishful thinking on my part to hope that we could change to whatever destiny we want whenever we feel like regardless of our progress on other destinies. Still, let's at least think about that as a starting point for what players would probably all consider ideal.

Now, you, as the developers, need to come up with ways to keep us playing. Let's take the now-classic case of a wizard who wants to be in Shiradi Champion. From your perspective, allowing said wizard to start out in Shiradi Champion is perhaps too easy. But as it is, if said wizard begins in Fatesinger, then progresses through Shadowdancer, Legendary Dreadnaught, and then finally Shiradi (the quickest path), that wizard has just progressed through 4 levels of Fatesinger, 3 levels of Shadowdancer, and 4 levels of Legendary Dreadnaught, all of which do virtually nothing to benefit the wizard. They gain the wizard 3 fate points, but what use are they really? Fatesinger, Shadowdancer, and Legenedary Dreadnaught have few, if any, tier 1 or tier 2 twists that are of more than marginal use to most wizards. So maybe you cannot allow us to simply pick whatever destiny we want. I get it. But maybe the requirements are a bit too steep. The wizard is not having a lot of fun for those first 11 destiny levels. Perhaps we could lighten the requirements just a bit. Here's my suggestion:

Lower the requirement to move within spheres to level 2 and lower the requirement to move between spheres to level 3.

This should be a relatively simple coding matter. It could be applied as part of a "quality of life" patch. We still have to work a bit to move to our preferred destiny and cap that out so we can swap to it whenever we have "serious" quests or raids to run. But at least it isn't as painful.

If other players have other suggestions on making the Epic Destiny swapping and sphere swapping issue more palatable, feel free to post those here as well.