since capping my first life rogue, I have acquired a LOT of weapons.. needless to say, I feel it's time to do some housekeeping..

This is what I keep in my bank/on my toon, since I assume most people are familiar with a particular weapon, I'm not going into too many details/specs

- Epic Midnight Greetings - no-brainer keeping
- 2x Envenomed blade (keeping for TR)
- Epic ancient vulkoorim dagger - (Vorpal/dc 25 giant), greater giant bane
- 2x crafted "harry beaters" -> one is +5 seeker +8 / righteous the other is +5 holy / pure good.. 2d6 damage die and silver
- Sacrificial dagger (neg energy damage, level drain)
- +4 Holy burst rapier of radiance (main trash beater)
- +5 Wounding Rapier of mauling (greater heartseeker + 2d8 bleed damage) (offhand trash beater)
- Star of Day (cleric of amauntor version, random enchantments)
- rapier & heavy mace - smiting of banishing - base 2d6 version
- 2x light mace / disruption
- GS Rad2 rapier
- Epic Cutthroat's smallblade tier 3

there's probably about 3 - 4 more that I can't remember offhand but.. I feel this collection is either excessive or missing some things.. most of these weapons are good for lvl 20-25 and I know I would like to add a few more (2x celestia, balizarde, rebellion.

Unless I can TR to a marilith, I don't think I will be able to use them all constantly...