that is about as accurate I can make it. I have a magic user in my stories that can only be described in DDO terms as a spell caster that uses their body and strength as a bases for their magic. They also do not learn magic from scrolls or books but by having the spell cast on them and then they learn to do it them-self or they learn by watching others.

Their spell points are directly related to their hp, that is if they are weak they cannot cast powerful spells. Their spell points can go lower than their hp but never higher so they need high constitution.

Their spells power is based on their strength and the level of their spells are also based on their strength. So they need high strength to have any spells at all.

their ability to learn spells are based on intelligence/wisdom based on what kind of spell they want to learn weather it's attack, defense, or healing. a minimum of 12 on either stat is required to learn any spells at all. The higher the stat the greater chance they have of learning said spell. An 8 on a stat means they will never learn a spell and 10 is basically the same.

In my stories the spell casters are very broken as their spells points constantly regenerate. but they would loose the ability to cast spells for a while if they cast spells too quickly or if they were too hurt. but they would also regenerate hit points on their own. obviously that would not fly in DDO as that makes them broken. but I would give them diehard right away.

in my stories they also didn't have a limit to the spells they could learn, that also wold make them broken so I would have to give them a max number of spells per spell level based on their intelligence or wisdom modifier. with a +1 modifier they would have 10 spells per level but -1 for each spell level. lvl 9 max of 1 spell learned with a +1 modifier. Once they learn a spell they cannot unlearn it and that makes them a little random. ALso note that their spells that can cast would mimic the sorcerer's spell with a max of 4 spells per spell level able to be cast but be able to change spells like a wizard or cleric.

my spells casters also have different affinities, attack, healing or enhancement. They would choose an affinity at the beginning and that would tell them which stat, intelligence, wisdom or both, they need to learn spells of their affinity.

I would like to give them an ability to regen magic greater then that of normal spell casters but it would be go up to 1/8th of the max spell points at lvl 6 1/6 at lvl 12 and 1/4th at lvl 18. that means if they have 100 hp at lvl 6 they would still only regen about 12 which what all spells casters can do anyways but at lvl 12 with 150 hp they would be able to have 25 mp regen naturally and at 18 with 200 hp they would regen to a max of 50 mp. yes that is more mp that other classes regen but they also have less mp. Also their mp regens at 2X the rate of other classes and up to 4X with the right enhancements. but they also have one kind of spell that other classes do not, active spells, spells that constantly drain mp to give an affect. like a fire shield that doesn't go away but drains mp until all spell points are gone, uts only cost is the mp drain and active spells only work on themselves.

a basic build with 28 points would be something like

16 str
8 dex
16 con
12 int
12 wis
8 cha
or 15 on either int or wis.

sorry I just had to rant that idea out it's been bugging me for a while.