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    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post

    By the way, maybe this has been covered before, but was does your sig mean? Care to share?
    It lists the first initials of kobold engineers that are working for him. Basically, his team.

    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flavilandile View Post

    It should be MajMal Title... and he had it for a bit.
    It's an Acronym that has been given to him not long after his first appearance on the forums.

    Now the forum search function is so broken that it can't find anything...

    After using Google and tinkering with the broken link :

    the guy who has the patience to deal with nerd raging gamer geeks
    Ha, awesome, thank you for sharing
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    Several characters on Sarlona all starting with "Rand" in the Guild "Guardians of House Cannith". My main four characters are Randowl (20 Warlock EA DPS Build), Randslar (Bard 14 / Fighter 4 / Rogue 2 Swashbuckler), Randek (Druid CC Caster 17/Fvs 3) and Randomall (Rogue 20 assassin).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Sorry, but yeah was dealing with the final touches to U18p2, and did not want to get in the way of the TR talk.
    There will be an update this week on ...drumroll....enhancements and other stuff!
    Nods solemnly, thank you for posting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post


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    Quote Originally Posted by Varinox View Post
    That's not a U18 bug, that started happening as far as I am aware around U14, it's just been slowly getting worse since.
    While it is definitely true that I knew people who had this problem pre-U18, I never had login issues until after U18. It seems that every update does something to increase the number of people with login issues.

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