I thought these new forums were awful when I saw them. But now, actually using them, they're well beyond awful. I'm typing this message as black text on a grey background? Wha... kill it with fire.

Anyway, what's up Thelanis? Is Pestilence still around? What about Legion? More importantly, are any of my old friends from these and other guilds still around?

I've been playing Neverwinter and ran into Shade and his Crush It guild from Khyber. This got me thinking about Thelanis and the great community we had here. You can find me on Dragon: Vhlada@Vhlader (11.3k TR).

If you've been checking out Neverwinter, look me up. There are a few of the old Indago's checking the game out as well (Dolfa, Steeljaw, Arwene, & Drathrasir). I believe the shards will merge on the 20th when the game goes "live", so server selection shouldn't matter for long. I'm looking forward to see who else I might run into.

It's doubtful that any MMO can replace DDO as my favourite. Neverwinter is pretty basic, with limited monster & dungeon mechanics. But all of the exploits in beta have been super fun, and the zerg factor in Neverwinter is pretty high (running through dungeons, grouping large amounts of monsters, and knocking them all off the cliff = good times. And no dungeon alert!).